Oropouche fever reaches Havana, continues to spread throughout Cuba, alongside Dengue

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The spread of the Oropouche Virus — which is progressing along with the spread of Dengue — is increasingly concerning the Cuban population. A health offcial tells Martí Noticias that sanitary conditions on the island are so poor that “there is a high risk for the development of virulent strains” of both viruses, which would lead to a high mortality rate. In addition, due to the shortage of medications, all Cubans can do is to turn to herbal remedies, which do little to ameliorate the effects of the epidemic.

To make matters worse, the virus is difficult to shake off. Father Leandro León Nun, parish priest of San José Obrero Church in Santiago de Cuba, is also quoted by Marti Noticias:”Currently, with the people I see in my parish who have been affected by the virus . . . Generally, it is affecting many people and, when you think people have been freed from the virus, it recurs and they become weaker with this situation.” My mother has been laid low by the virus three times, and she is now doing very poorly.”.

Periodico Cubano has this to report from Havana, where the virus is starting to wreak havoc:

The Oropouche virus continues to spread in Cuba since its first outbreak in the eastern part of the island. The independent portal 14yMedio published a report warning about the possible existence of positive cases in Havana.

Although authorities have not officially confirmed the presence of the virus nor revealed the number of possible cases in the Cuban capital, residents of the Diez de Octubre and Centro Habana neighborhoods have reported symptoms associated with the disease.

In the Lawton neighborhood, specifically on Pocitos Street, some residents mentioned the existence of the virus in a building near 10th Street, where several individuals have shown symptoms of the illness, including high fever, intense headache, muscle and joint pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.

One of the infected individuals, a 71-year-old man who preferred to remain anonymous, shared his experience, describing intense fevers and generalized body pain. According to him, the local nurse mentioned the possibility of being affected by the said disease, although no diagnostic tests were performed.

The possible source of the infection, according to this resident, could be related to the constant presence of mosquitoes from a nearby stagnant water puddle. This situation illustrates the risk of virus proliferation in areas with hygiene problems and water accumulation, ideal conditions for the reproduction of the Culex mosquito, the vector transmitting the virus.

In the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood of Centro Habana, possible cases of Oropouche have also been reported. A neighbor recounted how a recent arrival from Santiago de Cuba began to show symptoms, followed by similar cases on the same block.

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