Child malnutrition in Cuba update: School lunches from Hell

Where’s the protein? Recent lunch photos from two Cuban elementary schools

From our Bureau of Socialist Alimentary Equity and Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Child Welfare

As if it weren’t cruel enough to subject children to constant brainwashing at Castro, Inc.’s “free” public schools, the Cuban dictatorship is now serving very skimpy and inadequate lunches to those kids. Yeah, yeah, Bernie Sanders would say this is still a very good thing. At least they’re getting some cucumbers, mango, and rice, and that is all noble savages need or deserve. Lord have mercy. No wonder UNICEF was forced admit — for the very first time — that Castro, Inc. is failing to provide sufficient nutrition to Cuban children.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Through social media, an image is circulating that highlights the decay in Cuba and the sad lunches given to children in primary schools.

In a video, a young schoolgirl is seen with a tray of food, consisting only of cucumber slices, a mango, and a portion of rice, with no protein whatsoever.

The report exposes the precarious nutritional conditions faced by children in Cuban schools, who sometimes attend classes solely to get something to eat, due to the lack of food at home.

A balanced diet is crucial during school years, as the objectives of proper nutrition are to ensure adequate growth and development, considering their physical activity, and to promote healthy habits to prevent nutritional diseases in the short and long term.

Malnutrition due to inadequate nutritional intake can lead to poor growth and delayed mental development in children, thus affecting their learning process.

Unfortunately, such situations occur in every educational institution in the country. Meanwhile, the regime leaders indulge in all existing luxuries.

The reality is that misery continues to be reflected in every corner of Cuba and affects all sectors and professions, while the regime leaders continue to enjoy all imaginable luxuries.

This situation is also replicated in workplaces and hospitals, demonstrating how little the regime cares about the balanced nutrition of the people and exposing the island’s misery.

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