Ted Cruz targets the ‘moderate’

We are seeing evidence that Senator Ted Cruz has learned his Beto lesson, i.e. don’t underestimate your liberal opponent. Don’t let him drive around the state in his version of the Beto-mobile telling everyone that he wants Texans to love each other.

It looks like Cruz is learning from Governor Greg Abbott: unmask the moderate and go for it. Here is the story:

The Democrat running in what could be one of this year’s top Senate races is being accused of “pandering” to Black voters with taxpayer-funded reparations.

The conservative Win it Back PAC announced Friday its launch of a new ad, part of a massive seven-figure media buy, targeting Rep. Colin Allred, the Democratic nominee for Senate in Texas, specifically calling him out for what it says are his ties to the movement for reparations for Black Americans.

The ad will begin running Friday in the El Paso media market amid the Texas Democratic Convention, which is taking place in the city and will target Hispanic voters, a group research shows is largely opposed to reparations. The ad will run in both English and Spanish.

There you go — unmask the liberal pretending to be a moderate. To be fair, Allred has not been the screaming liberal that Beto was, i.e. he did not say that he wants to take your AR-15 away. Nevertheless, you will have a hard time finding Allred standing up to then-speaker Pelosi. Yes, he has cast bipartisan votes for COVID spending or infrastructure projects, but otherwise he has been an automatic and predictable vote for Pelosi.

Attacking “reparations” in ads aimed at Hispanics is brilliant. It’s not a winning issue with Hispanics, no matter how much Allred tries to dance around it.

Brilliant move by Cruz. Keep it up.

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