Union of Young Communists event in Havana leaves at least seven youths dead, many more injured

From our Great-Grandchildren of the Revolution Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Hot-Headed Communist Youths

Thus far there is no official confirmation from Castro, Inc., but Cubans on social media report a violent altercation has left seven to nine youths dead and many more injured. The melee took place at an event organized by Castro, Inc.’s Union of Young Communists (UJC). A blurry image of the event shows youths carrying clubs just like the ones used against July 11 protesters three years ago.

Some locals are calling this a gang fight. But could it be that this melee was a purge? Were some exemplary but hot-headed Communist youths were so upset about corruption within the Party that they took purging into their own hands? Could it be that this is one of the anti-corruption strategies suggested to Bruno “The Toad” Rodriguez in Beijing during his visit? Or could it be that some corrupt young Communists were intent on destroying the Party? Come to think of, since this event was sponsored by Castro, Inc., could it be that these youths were merely being trained in protest-busting tactics? Your guess is as good as mine.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

A violent incident in Havana on Saturday reportedly resulted in the deaths of seven to nine very young Cubans, with several others injured. According to social media reports, all or some of the deceased were minors.

The incident occurred at Finca de los Monos, located on Calzada de Santa Catalina in the Cerro municipality of Havana. Internet users claim that the violence broke out during a summer kick-off event organized by the official Union of Young Communists (UJC).

A video posted by Irma Broek on the Facebook page “Denunciando los crímenes en Cuba” shows crowds of mostly teenagers running or walking defiantly, with many carrying sticks or machetes. The footage includes several fights, one between two young women.

Broek stated that there were nine fatalities and dismissed as false other reports claiming over 100 deaths. She confirmed that the deceased were very young, with two being minors. Broek suggested that the tragedy could have been prevented with a police presence.

Numerous users criticized the lack of police presence for most of the incident. Toward the end of the video shared by Broek, a patrol car appears, with an officer loading an apparently injured person into the back seat and directing the driver to the Pediatric University Hospital of Centro Habana, saying “Drive carefully.”

The same video shows another altercation later on, where a young man is knocked unconscious, followed by another person mockingly expressing regret for not recording the incident.

According to a version of events published on the Facebook page “Realidad Cubana,” the youths involved were gang members, and seven were killed. All the deceased were minors, aged between 14 and 17, with the page including photos of four alleged victims.

In March, officials from the Republic’s Prosecutor’s Office claimed there were no increased murders in Cuba, attributing the growing perception of insecurity to social media. However, a month earlier, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz acknowledged that authorities were failing to contain or reduce crime in the country.

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  1. Basically, the “revolution” doesn’t care about Cubans except as tools. It’s overriding priority has always been its own power and the perks that come with it. It was never about “the people” except as means to an end.

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