Cuban dictatorship denies seriousness of Young Communist festival violence

From our Bureau of Frantic Days at the Ministry of Truth with some assistance from our Bureau of Young Communist Hotheads

Writers at the Ministry of Truth had a busy day yesterday putting their spin on images of extreme violence at a Young Communist circulated on social media. Initial reports from the scene claimed several youths had been killed and many more injured. Castro, Inc. is now saying that there were no deaths and that only two youths were injured. It’s also claiming that the Union of Young Communists had nothing to do with the violence. Nothing at all, sure . . .and only two injured youths, yeah . . . sure . . .

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Once the violent images from the brawl at the party organized by the UJC (Union of Young Communists) to ‘celebrate’ the beginning of summer at the Finca de los Monos came to light, the Cuban government issued an informational note.

On the Facebook account of the Havana government, they mentioned the events that occurred between the afternoon and night of Saturday, June 8, which reportedly left multiple people injured.

“Fake news began to circulate about the death of young people at an event at the Finca de los Monos. This news is false,” the post begins.

The Cuban government explained that the violent incidents did not take place within the Finca de los Monos nor were they linked to the UJC celebration, stating that it was an ‘unapproved activity.’

“The incident is related to an unapproved activity, where there was a disruption of order during the movement to the exterior areas of the facility. Government authorities and the National Revolutionary Police intervened accordingly to restore order,” the ‘clarifying’ note adds.

In this context, the post assures that no deaths occurred, as reported on social media, although it acknowledged that there were injuries, just two, who received immediate medical attention and were not in life-threatening condition.

The Havana government blamed independent media for publicizing supposed ‘falsehoods’ regarding the different versions of the events.

“We repudiate acts like this, which have nothing to do with the efforts the Cuban state makes to ensure healthy recreation and entertainment. Once again, the unscrupulous attitude of individuals and media attempting to discredit our society with falsehoods is exposed. We continue to stand for discipline, formal and civic education, elements that characterize the Cuban socialist model,” the post concludes.

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