Cuban dictatorship threatens to take the children from homeless single mother if she continues to ask for help

A single mother was forced to live on the street with her two children, a 6-year-old and a 10-month-old baby, after the building in Havana she was living in collapsed on May 27. The desperate mother asked the government for help, but all she got in return were threats. Authorities told her that if she kept asking for help, they would take custody of her children since she was not capable of supporting them. This is the compassion and aid socialism offers those in need.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

‘They told they would take my children just for asking for help,’ says mother who was a victim of a building collapse

Frequent building collapses in the Cuban capital continue to impact the lives of Havana’s residents. One of the most recent occurred on the night of May 27th, when the collapse of a staircase in a building at 55 Malecón Avenue, between Genio and Cárcel streets, very close to the luxurious Prado Hotel, caused an injury to a six-year-old boy. Fragments of the staircase fell on him, causing him to lose two teeth.

Since that day, Gabriela Vega Ortega, the boy’s mother, along with her other daughter, who is just ten months old, have not been able to return to the apartment where they lived because her son is afraid another collapse might happen.

“On the day of the collapse, I was in shock seeing my son under the rubble. My vision blurred, and the only thing I could think of was to take him to the hospital immediately. They had to reconstruct his mouth, and he still walks with some difficulty,” explains Gabriela Vega Ortega, who is 22 years old.

“After we left the hospital, I spent three days sleeping on the street with my two children until a friend saw us and took us in because I couldn’t stay on the street. But we haven’t been able to return to our apartment because of the fear of another collapse and the poor condition of the place,” says this young mother.

Unable to work as a single mother, Vega Ortega’s economic situation is extremely precarious in a country struggling with inflation and shortages of basic products.

“I have never received any help from the government, even though I have requested it on multiple occasions. The last time I asked for help, they told me they would take my children away because I didn’t have the financial capacity to support them, but I am not willing to accept that and won’t ask them for help again,” Vega Ortega emphasizes.

This young mother complains that her infant daughter, not yet a year old, has an injury on the top of her head and often can’t get the medicine she needs to heal it.

“I have to buy the medicine, whether it’s prednisone or loratadine, on the street, and many times I can’t find it anywhere. When it is available, it is very expensive, and I can’t afford it,” Vega Ortega concludes.

Partial or total collapses are very frequent in the Cuban capital, where much of the housing stock is in a high state of disrepair, especially in the municipalities of Old Havana, Central Havana, and El Cerro.

In February of this year, DIARIO DE CUBA reported that several women living in Old Havana spent several days sleeping on the street after the building where they lived suffered a partial collapse. That building is located at 111 Suárez Street, between Gloria and Apodaca.

According to official estimates, there is a deficit of 800,000 housing units in Cuba, and of the existing ones, about 853,000 are in fair or poor condition and pose a danger to their inhabitants’ lives.

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  1. Again, the PC feminists and BLM types do NOT care about this case, because they cannot use it to advance their agenda. Thus, it makes zero difference that this woman of color is being treated like dirt by “the man.”

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