Cuban prosecutor who sent July 11 peaceful protesters to prison wants to immigrate to the U.S.

A Cuban prosecutor who demanded long sentences for peaceful protesters during the July 11, 2021 mass protests in Cuba is not trying to immigrate to the U.S. Rosabel Roca Sampedro was the model communist who posted pro-regime content on social media, but she has erased her accounts and wants everyone to forget that so she could get political asylum in the U.S.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Rosabel Roca Sampedro, a prosecutor from Camagüey who sought prison sentences for young demonstrators from the July 11 protests and other dissidents, has requested an appointment through the CBPOne application to immigrate to the United States, according to Martí Noticias, which verified this information with immigration sources who asked to remain anonymous.

According to multiple reports on social media, Roca Sampedro left Cuba with her young daughter and currently resides in Mexico. She deleted a profile from her social media where she had shown her support for the Cuban regime and is now waiting for the U.S. to grant her an appointment through the CBPOne mobile application to present herself at the border and request political asylum.

“The case is number 26 of 2022, from the Preliminary Investigation File 31 of 2021, for Assault and Contempt, handled by prosecutor Rosabel Roca Sampedro. We have it in our records. Due to her work, four innocent people were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 4 years and 4 months to 3 years and 6 months,” said Javier Larrondo, director of the NGO Prisoners Defenders, which specializes in documenting human rights violations in Cuba.

After July 11, 2021, when the largest peaceful protests in Cuban history occurred, the island’s regime sentenced more than 1,000 people to prison. Since then, this has been a major obstacle in relations with the United States and a cause for condemnation by international organizations.

Like all socialists, Roca Sampedro is fine with people being oppressed and starved by socialism, as long as it’s not them, and it keeps them power.

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  1. NO! No socialist oppressors in the USA! The USA will happily accept anti Socialist Cubans, but not Cubans from the PCC!

  2. She was or still is a communist and she was a member of the Govt and became a prosecutor that means she believes in the system of justice in Cuba otherwise she would have taken another position not prosecutor…
    Now she wants to come to USA and probably will get aid and write a book.. Why now and why was she a part of the prosecution of those that protested on July 11…

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