Rabid supporter of Cuban dictatorship loses his seat in European Parliament

Manu and his best friend Trucutú

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Castro, Inc. has just lost an election. Naturally the election didn’t take place in Castrogonia, but the loss has left Trucutú Díaz-Canalla devastated. Why is he so sad? Because Manu Pineda, who constantly defended Castro, Inc. at the European Parliament, failed to be re-elected. Pineda parroted whatever propaganda Castro, Inc handed to him. Even worse, he argued that opponents of Castro, Inc. deserved to be crushed.

In a letter to the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Pineda said that freedom of speech, protest, and meeting couldn’t be pursued in Cuba. He defended the Cuban authorities and criticized the EU for not acknowledging the violence towards Cuba. During a trip to Cuba in November 2021, Pineda referred to organizers of a Civic March for Change as “bootlickers” and “lackeys” of the “imperialists” (the U.S.).

Loosely translated from ADN Cuba

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel consoled his ally in the European Parliament, Spanish politician Manu Pineda, on the social media platform X. Pineda failed to secure his seat in the recent European elections due to his party, Sumar, performing poorly. Although Pineda is a member of Izquierda Unida (UI), he ran with Sumar, the second-largest party in Spain’s current government.

Sumar won only three seats, and since Pineda was fourth on the list, he lost his position as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP). In contrast, in 2019, Pineda was elected when the Unidas Podemos list, where he was sixth, secured six seats.

Pineda acknowledged the clear and unfavorable election results on X, expressing that Sumar did not gain enough support for him to be re-elected. He noted that Izquierda Unida’s federal leadership would hold an extraordinary meeting to analyze the outcomes and their implications.

Díaz-Canel quickly offered public support to Pineda, calling him “beloved” and likening him to the indispensable fighters described by Bertolt Brecht, who persist in their struggles regardless of their circumstances. Pineda appreciated the Cuban leader’s support and affirmed his commitment to continue fighting for their shared goals and principles.

Before the European elections on June 9, Díaz-Canel had wished Pineda success. Pineda, a strong supporter of the Cuban regime, remained silent during the regime’s crackdown on popular protests in Cuba on July 11, 2021. During a “working” visit to Cuba in November that year, Esteban Lazo Hernández, a senior member of the Cuban Communist Party and President of the National Assembly, praised Pineda as Cuba’s “voice” in the European Parliament. Pineda reiterated his readiness to defend the Cuban Revolution against international criticism.

Throughout his tenure in the European Parliament, Manu Pineda staunchly defended the Cuban regime, regularly speaking out against “the empire” and in favor of Havana’s government.

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