Cuba’s fake president conducts brainwashing session with young Americans led by rabid communist rabble rouser

Trucutú and Manolito lead a high intensity session of brainwashing and woke virtue signaling

From our Bureau of Socialist Brainwashing Expertise with some assistance from our Bureau of Nauseating Events Involving Potentially Dangerous Useful Idiots

Trucutú Díaz-Canalla held an intense propaganda fest with a large group of visiting American students sent to Cuba by the communist organization “Let Cuba Live.” Proudly bedecked with a Palestinian kufiya, the hulking fake president conducted a master class in brainwashing, employing Orwellian newspeak, regurgitating Castrobabble, rapid-firing multiple slogans per second, and, of course, denouncing capitalism and the U.S. and blaming the “blockade” for all of Castrogonia’s massive problems.

Given the involvement of Let Cuba Live agents in this event, chances are that the budding communists thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Castrogonia and are now ready to return home to create as much havoc as possible on their college campuses. After all, this tour group was headed by none other than communist firebrand Manolo de los Santos, who was one of the outside agitators and ringleaders of the pro-Hamas protests at Columbia University last month. Manolito sat next to Trucutú, acting as translator and master of ceremonies.

Yes, Mildred, these woke youngsters fervently yearn “to make the world a better place,” in which socialist social justice prevails and all who dare to reject their vision of justice are mercilessly crushed.

Manolo de los Santos being arrested for leading “day of anarchy” in NYC, January 2024

From Cuba Headlines

Cuban leader Miguel Díaz-Canel stated that his government upholds the social achievements of the so-called “revolution” by distributing “food for everyone, clothing for everyone, health for everyone, education for everyone, and culture for everyone” equitably.

The First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) made these remarks from the air-conditioned halls of the Palace of the Revolution, addressing a group of young Americans from the Let Cuba Live brigade.

This meeting, which included a Q&A session between the youth and the leader, was the focus of the latest installment of the program Desde la Presidencia, where Díaz-Canel extolled revolutionary propaganda to an audience that freely supports allegedly progressive causes, enjoying the rights and freedoms guaranteed by democracy and the rule of law in their own country.

Wearing a Palestinian kufiya, Díaz-Canel spoke for nearly two hours about the evils of capitalism and the achievements of socialism. He appeared uncomfortable as the ends of the kufiya fell over his stomach, fidgeting in his seat. The leader of the “beautiful tree” (the lemon tree; Lv. 23:40) elaborated on various falsehoods, ones he no longer dares to share with Cubans during his tours of towns and cities.

He frequently invoked Fidel Castro, recounting anecdotes and emphasizing his role as Fidel’s successor. He blamed the embargo, the tightening of the embargo, creative resistance, and the social justice of a “revolution” that has been blocked for over 60 years, continuing his endless monologue.

“And that is one of the paradoxes of the Cuban Revolution. Under blockade conditions, we haven’t been able to develop the economy as we would like. But that economy, which is a war economy, is capable of sustaining a social project that has more social results and more social impact than even developed countries that have enormous wealth but distribute it differently,” Díaz-Canel told his captivated audience.

Carried away by his rhetoric, Díaz-Canel painted a mural of the “revolution’s achievements” before the wide-eyed faces of the enthusiastic brigade members with Visa and Mastercard cards. Celebrating the paternalism of the communist regime inherited from the family that truly rules, he continued.

“We strive for, not equalitarianism, but equity. When we seek food, we seek food for 11 million Cubans. It’s not about putting food on shelves for those who can buy it while others starve. No. It’s food for everyone, clothing for everyone, education for everyone, health for everyone, culture for everyone. It’s not scientific knowledge for a few… It’s scientific knowledge for all. Rights for all. And that’s our logic, and that’s what we defend,” he declared.

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