After Russian warships visit Cuba, what weapons did Moscow leave behind?

Earlier this month, Vladimir Putin stated he would supply weapons to allies within striking distance of countries helping Ukraine in its war against Russia. So weapons did Russia leave behind in communist Cuba?

Via the Center for a FREE Cuba:

Russian warships expected to depart Cuba today. U.S. nuclear sub shows up in Cuba. What weapons may Moscow leave behind?

Russian warships expected to depart Cuba today. Last week the threats made by Vladimir Putin in advance of their arrival was shared in a CubaBrief.

Both Moscow, and Havana said that there was nothing to be concerned about the visit of the Russian warships to the Port of Havana.

However, Havana had a different response when the USS Helena, a US nuclear-powered hunter-killer submarine, turned up on June 13, 2024 at Guantanamo Bay, America’s base in Cuba for a scheduled visit. Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez called the visit a “provocative escalation.”

While many have been focused on the warships, and nuclear submarines, the threat made by Vladimir Putin on June 5, 2024 was “to supply weapons to countries from which strikes can be performed on countries supplying weapons to Kyiv.”

Jaime Suchlicki, director of the Cuban Studies Institute, a non-profit research group in Coral Gables in a June 14 column published in the Miami Herald reported on other Russian visits that should be cause for concern including the following visit on February 27, 2024.

For a second consecutive year, prominent Russian military and security leaders visited Cuba meeting with General Raul Castro and other Cuban officials. Included in the Russian delegation are Putin’s close ally Nikolai Patrushev, the head of the Kremlin strategic forces, and high intelligent officials. Before leaving for Nicaragua and Venezuela an article in Pravda discussing Patrushev’s visit emphasized that Havana discussed defense aspects with its Russian visitors. “Armed with Russian missiles Cuba will be a symmetrical response to NATO’s expansion to the Russian threshold.”

The warships are leaving Cuba, but what weapons may have been left behind with this hostile neighbor?

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