As Cuba’s Oropouche and Dengue epidemic worsens, funeral home in Santiago is overwhelmed with corpses

Busy funeral home in Santiago de Cuba

From our Bureau of Socialist Epidemic Control with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Funerary Proficiency

Nothing in Castrogonia works well or efficiently, and this includes disposing of the dead. Whether or not the current Oropouche and Dengue epidemic caused a higher-than-usual number of deaths is irrelevant when it comes to this issue of burying the dead. Even when there are no epidemics, Castro, Inc.’s ability to bury the dead with dignity is abysmal. The tacky sign on the funeral home above is only the frost on the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

Right now, the crisis in Santiago is due to a sudden overabundance of corpses and insufficient room in funeral homes to accommodate the dead or their grieving relatives. But in the past few weeks, the main problem was the high frequency with which coffins on their way to the cemetery fell out of hearses and onto the road. Hearses are scarce, and those that can be put into service –including pickup trucks — leave a lot to be desired.

Makeshift Cuban hearse

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

A funeral home in Santiago de Cuba faces a critical situation this Tuesday morning, with more than 29 deceased individuals being mourned by their families and friends. This has forced workers to place coffins in the hallways, according to complaints on social media.

“They’ve put coffins in the hallways; they don’t know where to put them and more bodies keep coming in,” a user reported to journalist Yosmany Mayeta, who alerted on Facebook that the funeral home had over 29 coffins this morning.

The person who made the complaint, also a relative of one of the deceased being mourned at the funeral home, explained: “They say there’s no capacity at Santa Ifigenia (cemetery) and they want to bury our relatives in the municipalities.”

Although the publication does not provide any explanation for this unfortunate situation, the city of Santiago de Cuba is currently plagued by the circulation of two serotypes of dengue and is also affected by the presence of the Oropouche virus.

This bizarre scene is not isolated; similar incidents have occurred in Santiago de Cuba.

Last May, the central Garzón Avenue witnessed an unprecedented and distressing scene: a coffin fell from a hearse and lay in the middle of a busy street.

The unfortunate incident, reported by journalist Mayeta on his Facebook profile, occurred on Victoriano Garzón Avenue, in front of a daycare center and in a very crowded area of the eastern city, a few blocks from the provincial headquarters of the PCC and near the intersection marking kilometer 969 of the Central Highway.

Incredibly, it happened again. Just over a week ago, another coffin fell from a hearse in Santiago de Cuba.

This occurred on 4th Street, in the Mariana de la Torre neighborhood, according to journalist Mayeta, who posted a video on his social media, recorded by a witness to the grim scene.

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