The Castro dictatorship owes Cubans farmers more than 5,000,000 pesos

Cuban farmers in the province of Cienfuegos are owed 5,000,000 pesos, which the communist Castro dictatorship has yet to pay them. Already facing skyrocketing inflation and shortages of supplies and materials, farmers are also now dealing with the State, who is refusing to pay them and has not given them a reason for withholding payment.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

The state-owned Acopio Company in Cienfuegos owes more than five million pesos to agricultural producers in that province, according to a report on the Noticiero Nacional de Televisión (NTV) this past Friday.

The report, which focused on a government visit aimed at “correcting distortions and revitalizing the economy,” and the statements of Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, briefly mentioned the “unpaid five million pesos owed to farmers.”

The news segment did not specify who was responsible for the non-payment, the reasons behind it, or when the delays would be resolved. The reporter quickly skimmed over the issue and also mentioned other problems faced by the farmers, such as the increase in theft and the unauthorized slaughter of livestock, which is contributing to a decrease in the cattle population.

The state’s debts to Cuban farmers have a long history. The mistreatment of agricultural producers manifests in various ways: unpaid dues, mandatory crop deliveries, payments lower than production costs, crops lost due to lack of transportation, and difficulties in purchasing fuel, tools, machinery, fertilizers, or seeds.

Farmers affected by these conditions complain about the inability to increase their production and yields, the unsustainable nature of farming under these circumstances, and the deterioration of their living conditions.

In February 2020, the non-governmental organization (NGO) Observatorio de Derechos Económicos de Cuba estimated that the state’s debt to private farmers amounted to billions of pesos.

Making matters worse is that these farmers are forced to sell all, if not most of their crops to the State at below-market value. This is yet another example of how socialism exploits the people in order to feed the oppressive regime.

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