Cuba claims to have foiled ‘terrorist plot’ hatched in the U.S.A.

From our Bureau of Very Inventive Days At The Ministry of Truth

Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Truth is claiming that the US has been caught hatching a “terrorist” attack on Cuban soil. Given the fact that Castro, Inc. routinely charges dissidents with “terrorism” for merely taking part in public protests, or for writing against it from exile.

It also constantly refers to the “blockade” as “genocide,” so this report needs to be taken with at least a trillion pinches of salt. No names were released, no details given about this dastardly “attack.” Naturally, the news story is being carried by major news outlets around the world.

From Barron’s:

Cuba claimed Sunday to have thwarted a “terrorist plot” planned on US soil, arresting its alleged mastermind and several others.

The interior ministry announced in state mouthpiece Granma that a Cuban citizen who had been residing in the United States was arrested as he entered Cuba “illegally” by sea, with firearms and ammunition and “as part of a new recruitment plan to carry out violent actions in our country.”

The suspect had entered the United States as an undocumented migrant in 2014, said the ministry, adding that others implicated in the alleged plot were also arrested in Cuba.

It did not say how many people were detained, or when, in an operation based on information received in December of a plan “to execute violent actions in our country.”

That same month, Cuba published a list of several dozen suspected “terrorists,” many of them living abroad — mainly in the United States.

The list included people Havana accuses of involvement in a series of hotel bombings in the capital in 1997 and attempts on the life of ex-leader Fidel Castro.

Washington in May removed Cuba from a list of countries “not cooperating fully” in the counterterrorism fight, but kept it on a blacklist of state sponsors of terrorism.

The United States has had sanctions in place against Cuba since 1962.

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  1. Cuba’s ministry of Truth must be filled with Democrats. The current American Democrat Party is the party of projection. Standard in their behavior is that what they do is what they accuse others of doing.

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