Hunger, blackouts, and lies: A young Cuban explains why he fled communist Cuba

Many immigrants dream of coming to America for the economic opportunities it offers to live a better life. But for Cubans, America means something a little different. Living under the jackboot of a totalitarian dictatorship, where you are deprived of your basic rights and forced to go hungry and without the most basic necessities, such as electricity, coming to America means more than just economic opportunity.

One young Cuban who has found freedom in America described the reasons why he fled communist Cuba (via Cuba Headlines):

A young emigrant reflected on social media about the reasons that forced him to leave Cuba, highlighting that there was no future for him or his family in the Caribbean nation: “I left because I want to give my mom a dignified life.”

On TikTok, @soonivip stated that Cuba is painful, alluding to the ongoing economic crisis that offers very few opportunities for young people: “I felt like I had no future there.”

“Even if I broke my back working, I couldn’t even afford a carton of eggs,” the Cuban noted, warning of the rampant inflation that prevents people from accessing even the most basic foods.

“I got tired of the blackouts, the hunger, the lies, seeing so many sad faces, and so much misery everywhere,” the TikToker emphasized.

“And of course, I left because I don’t want my children to grow up on an island that hurts,” he finally remarked, underscoring that the pursuit of a better future for children, which is impossible to achieve in Cuba, is a common reason among emigrants.

This young man, on social media, delves into the reasons why someone his age decides to escape the Cuban regime. However, these are the same reasons for which people of any age emigrate.

Of all the benefits America has to offer, there is none more important than freedom. In fact, there would be no benefits if it were not for freedom. If you don’t believe that, just look at Cuba.

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  1. Cubans are starving, being worked to death and being tortured to death. YES, EXACTLY! That is the point. Patria o Muerte means you are to sacrifice your life for communist Cuba. It is the way of Lucifer. Cuba is a “1984” type society where paradise means hell.

    • I know. I feel like I live like a billionaire when I read about Cuba, and I’m an ordinary middle class American. I’m grateful, at least right now, to be an American. Cuba is a terrible dictatorship and the regime is cruel. I’m not Cuban, but I support JUSTICE FOR THE CUBAN PEOPLE!

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