1 thought on “Should have known better with a girl like Jill”

  1. My original impression of Mrs. Biden was good. At the last convention I loved the way Joe spoke about her.
    But since then she has gone down in my estimation big time. Her first husband has recently come out and told how he bore her no ill will and yet the Bidens did their best to destroy him and try to wrangle money out of him and even tried to put him in prison and he never spoke up about it until now because he sees that they are doing the same thing to Trump and he cannot keep quiet about it anymore.
    Peter Schweizer wrote in his book Profiles in Corruption that of all the corrupt people in Washington, the Biden family had them all beat.
    I am guessing the most important reason the Bidens want Joe reelected is that they own lots of property now which they got from money from our enemies as they sold out America, and it takes a lot of money to keep those properties up and keep up their high life style.
    Of all the lying ads for getting Biden reelected, the one I hate the most is how Trump does not care about Americans, but Joe does. The biggest lie of them all.

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