Shocking! 24% of Americans think Biden is fit enough to handle threat such as the Cuban missile crisis

From our Bureau of Incapacitated Part-Time World Leaders Who Need Lots of Sleep with some assistance from our Bureau of Willful Blindness to Self-Evident Truths

After last week’s disastrous debate with Trump, Jar-Jar Biden came up with some excuses for his shockingly poor performance: “I had a cold.” “I was recovering from two-week old jet-lag.” “I don’t function well at night.” Etc. By far the scariest revelation he made after the debate is that he can only deal with business between 10 am and 4 pm.

This admission has startled most Americans, as revealed by a recent poll in which 24% of those surveyed said he’s fit enough to handle a major crisis. Yikes, that’s scary. One must ask: why do so many people think he’s fit? That is a surprisingly high figure. Who are these bozos? Well . . . you know . . . the usual suspects . . .

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The fate of the world hung in the balance for 13 days. JFK had imposed a blockade on Cuba after surveillance revealed Soviet missile site being built on the communist island in 1962.

War was only averted when Moscow turned back its ships, cementing Kennedy’s image as a decisive leader who face down the Soviet Union.

It had been a grueling experience. As first lady Jackie Kennedy later said: ‘It seemed there was no waking or sleeping.’

But now only one in four voters believes President Joe Biden has the endurance to do the same and stay up for 48 hours during a similar crisis, according to a new poll for

It found that voters have become more concerned that his advancing age will impair his ability to do the job since we last asked the question in March.

And it comes when he is under intense pressure to step down from the Democratic presidential nomination after a disastrous presidential debate with Donald Trump in Atlanta, Georgia.

This week Biden even addressed his advanced age during a meeting with Democratic governors.

Sources said he told them his aides would stop scheduling events after 8 p.m. so that he can get more sleep.

When J.L. Partners asked 1000 likely voters whether they thought Biden could stay up through a Cuban Missile-type Crisis only 24 percent said yes.

Only 38 percent said they believed he could remember the name of a world leader with whom he was talking (down from 46 percent in March), with a similar number saying they believed he could digest his daily national security briefings (down from 43 percent.

Some 37 percent said they believed he could make it through a one-hour meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin (from 43 percent in March).

And only 35 percent believe he could remember the names of key staff (from 40 percent).

Yet whoever is sworn in as president in January will face a string of national security crises and increasing global uncertainty.

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