The ghost of the future sends U.S. voters a message from Paris

Leave it to the French to make things interesting. Two weeks ago, it appeared that the right would win. Today, God only knows what happens next.

This is how the AP describes the situation in France

Election results show French voters have chosen to give a broad leftist coalition the most parliamentary seats in pivotal legislative elections, keeping the far right away from power. Yet no party won an outright majority, putting France in an uncertain, unprecedented situation.

Unprecedented situation is a diplomatic way of describing a mess. In other words, no one has the magic 289 to claim a majority out of 577 seats . I think that Perry Mason called that a hung jury.  It did not help that the Left messed up the city to celebrate the election. The scenes were amazing. As someone noted, there were more Palestinian than French flags. I guess that’s what happens when the border is open and the French are too whatever to have babies.

President Macron is headed to Washington for a NATO meeting. Maybe he can chat with President Biden and get some advice and counsel about staying in office. In the meantime, Paris is getting ready to host the Olympics or the ultimate “get on TV opportunity” for the radicals. I hope it goes well because the athletes deserve better, but it will get interesting over there.

The ghost of the future is out tonight, and everyone in the U.S. understands that we don’t have to have that future if we change our course.

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