Buenos Aires plastered with signs calling for release of political prisoners in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua

It may not change many minds, but at a very minimum, it raises awareness and causes discomfort for the socialist dictatorships the signs are targeting and for those who support them. Via CubaNet (my translation): 200 signs posted in Buenos Aires expressing support for Cuban political prisoners The International Institute of Race, Equality, and Human … Read more

Surveillance camera placed in cell of Cuban dissident rapper and political prisoner Maykel Osorbo

The communist Castro dictatorship is not content with just imprisoning dissident rapper Maykel Osorbo, they want to be sure he knows he is being watched every second of every day. This is socialism in action. Via CiberCuba (my translation): Cuban regime installs surveillance camera in Maykel Osorbo’s prison cell The Cuban regime installed a surveillance … Read more

Number of political prisoners in Cuba climbs to 1,057

From our Bureau of Socialist Tolerance, Compassion, and Social Justice Despite pressure exerted on Castro, Inc. by various governments and human rights agencies, the number of political prisoners in Cuba keeps growing rather than shrinking. The chart above traces this increase through the second half of 2022. Abridged and loosely translated from Prisoners Defenders: Each … Read more

Cuban political prisoner threatened after refusing to participate in prison ideological events

In communist Cuba, forced ideological indoctrination doesn’t pause when you’re imprisoned for dissent. If you refuse to participate, they find ways to punish you further. This is socialism in action. Via ADN Cuba (my translation): Dissident Sissi Abascal threatened for refusing to participate in ideological events in prison Prison authorities at the La Bellotex prison … Read more

Cuban dictatorship heavily sedating mentally disabled political prisoner without family consent

The communist Castro dictatorship not only imprisoned a mentally disabled young man with the intellectual capacity of a first-grader for protesting, they’re drugging him up as well. Via CubaNet (my translation): Intellectually disabled political prisoner medicated without authorization Mariana Castillo, the mother of political prisoner Gilberto Castillo Castillo, is denouncing on social media that her … Read more

Three Cuban political prisoners from the July 11 protests viciously beaten by State Security agents

Three Cubans arrested and sentenced to prison for protesting on July 11, 2021 dared to speak out about the horrid conditions at the Castro gulag, and paid for it with a vicious beating by State Security. Via Martí Noticias (my translation): The beating of three July 11 protest prisoners at the El Tipico prison in … Read more

Reports from Cuba: The mothers of ’11 July,’ an iron link for political prisoners in Cuba

14yMedio reports from Havana via Translating Cuba: The Mothers of ’11 July’, an Iron Link for Political Prisoners in Cuba Barbara Farrat, Yudinela Castro, María Luisa Fleitas Brav , Migdalia Gutiérrez Padrón, Liset Fonseca, Marta Perdomo , Norabel Herrera, Marilin Cabrera. These are just a few names of the women who, in 2022, raised their voices again for political prisoners. In his … Read more

Enslaved Cuban doctors purchased by Qatar also used for political propaganda

The sale of Cuban medical professionals as slave labor to foreign nations is a multi-billion dollar business for the communist Castro dictatorship, and for clients such as Qatar, a political propaganda tool as well. Frances Martel reports in Breitbart: Report: Qatar Using Cuban Slave Doctors to ‘Influence Local Politics’ The human rights organization Cuban Prisoners … Read more

Reports from Cuba: Political prisoners take advantage of ‘passes’ to escape Cuba as rafters

14yMedio reports from Havana via Translating Cuba: Political Prisoners Take Advantage of ‘Passes’ to Escape Cuba as Rafters With 24 new arrests this November, the Cuban government keeps a total of 1,034 political prisoners incarcerated, according to what Prisoners Defenders (PD) denounced this Friday. In its latest monthly report, the Madrid-based organization exposed the “inhuman repression” … Read more