About Babalú Blog

Babalú Blog is the brainchild of Valentín Prieto. In 2003, he came to the realization that there simply wasn’t a media platform or venue for likeminded Cuban-Americans to share their thoughts about Cuba, the dictatorship there, U.S. policy toward that dictatorship, music, culture, food, etc. That being the case, he set out to create one.

At Babalú Blog, we believe the the liberal news media gives left-wing dictatorships a pass. Try Googling “Pinochet” and then “Castro” and you’ll see the way they treat these two regimes is very different. Prior to Babalú Blog, Cuban exiles had been talking to themselves, in Spanish, on radio and in newspapers for years. No wonder most Americans had no clue or the wrong idea about Cuba.

So, at Babalú, our slogan is “an island on the net without a bearded dictator.” We take an old-school, hard line stance against the dictatorship in Cuba and generally are aligned with conservative politics. We have a loyal core readership, we’ve met with Presidents and Senators and the New York Times, one of the worst culprits in the whitewashing of the Cuban dictatorship, called Babalú “a rabid anti-Castro forum.” That’s a description we wear with pride.

We occasionally ask our readers for donations. This is because Facebook, an important element of our outreach, has quickly become a “pay to play” environment for media sites and blogs like ours. In order to reach people, we must promote our content and that’s expensive.

Nobody at Babalú Blog gets paid, ever. All donations go toward Facebook advertising, server space and ever-increasing bandwidth. Housing 15 years worth of content and fending off cyber-attacks from the Castro regime isn’t cheap.