Reports from Cuba: ‘The pastry chef quit, so I closed the business’

Natalia Lopez Moya reports in 14yMedio from Havana via Translating Cuba:

‘The Pastry Chef Quit, so I Closed the Business’

Deciding not to rely on a hired employee puts limitations on private businesses

Regular customers of a privately owned bakery on San Lázaro Street in Central Habana were surprised this week to see the owner of the business both kneading dough and working the counter. “The cook left the country so this is now a one-woman show,” explains the entrepreneur, one of many who have been hit by the exodus affecting Cuba’s private-sector economy.

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A Cuban father speaks out about his son’s imprisonment by the Castro dictatorship

Walnier Luis Aguilar Rivera is a young Cuban man with intellectual disabilities who is serving a 23-year prison sentence for peacefully protesting the communist Castro dictatorship. In an interview with Cuban American writer Justo Antonio Triana, his father Wilber Aguilar Bravo discusses his son’s unjust imprisonment and his campaign to achieve his release.

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Number of political prisoners in Cuba increases in March

With the mass protests that took place in communist Cuba during the march, the total number of documented political prisoners on the island has increased to 1,092. The Castro dictatorship continues to show the world it has no intention of changing the brutally oppressive nature that has marked its reign of terror on the island for the past 65 years. This is socialism in action.

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Reports from Cuba: Mountains of garbage cause distress over State’s inefficiency

Natalia Lopez Moya reports in 14yMedio from Havana via Translating Cuba:

The Mountains of Garbage Cause Distress Over the The State’s Inefficiency

In the neighborhood of Luyanó, residents scattered the garbage until it blocked the street; in other areas of Havana they have set fire to the mountains of trash.

Blocking the passage of cars with the trash from the garbage dump on Reforma Street, corner of Rodríguez in Luyanó, has been a way to draw attention to the matter 

A narrow path for motorcycles and bicycles was all that was left this Monday on Reforma Street, at the corner of Rodríguez in Luyanó, Havana. A neighbor, annoyed by the trash that had been accumulating there for weeks, spread it around until it created a barrier that prevented the access of vehicles, one of the many ways in which Cubans are protesting the collapse of the garbage collection system.

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18th century slaves in Cuba were better fed than Cubans today

It’s hard to believe, but one can never underestimate the destruction that communism can cause on a society. A study by an independent human rights organization has found that slaves in 18th and 19th century Cuba were better nourished than Cubans living today under Fidel Castro’s socialist revolution. Thanks to socialism, a fertile and self-sufficient island, rich in natural resources, now cannot produce enough food to sustain itself.

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Reports from Cuba: The rich are also fleeing Cuba, selling their properties at a discount

Natalia Lopez Moya and Juan Diego Rodriguez report in 14yMedio from Havana via Translating Cuba:

The Rich Are Also Fleeing Cuba, Selling Their Properties at a Discount

Even some of the gigantic mansions in Siboney confiscated by the Revolution are for sale.

The island’s residential real estate market is saturated due to a mass exodus that is bleeding the country dry

Juan Carlos divides his time between Milan and Havana. The 52-year-old’s children, wife and parents all live in Italy but, for more than two years, he has been trying to sell an old mansion in Havana’s Vedado district which has caused him “more headaches than happiness.” Located a few yards from Línea Street, the house was a project that fulfilled a life-long dream that, as he puts it, “blossomed then failed.”

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