Free Education

I came across this article lamenting the high cost of higher education in this country. The story starts out well enough, pointing out the difficulties students face with student loans after graduation. Then, the author tells us how much better the system of higher education in Cuba is because it is free.
In the economic sense, higher education in Cuba is free. But in reality, every Cuban student who accepts higher education in communist Cuba pays a price much higher than any American youth will pay: they pay with their souls.
In Cuba, only those who swear allegiance to the communist revolution are given the opportunity to a higher education. If you disagree with the dictatorship, you are marginalized and not allowed entry into any college or university.
There is a sign over the entrance of the University of Havana that ostensibly reads: “Only Revolutionaries will enter these doors.”
If you don’t consider your soul and your integrity of much value, then I guess Cuba is a cheap place to acquire a higher education.

Oh those wacky media liberals…

You just gotta’ love ’em.

“A Gulag Breeds Rage, Yes, but Also Serenity”
— New York Times headline over article on last Soviet political prisoners being released, February 12, 1992.

How about this one:

“For Castro, freedom starts with education. And if literacy alone were the yardstick, Cuba would rank as one of the freest nations on Earth. The literacy rate is 96 percent.”
— Barbara Walters on ABC’s 20/20, October 11, 2002.

You can read a few more of these wacky quotes from the media’s liberal glitterati HERE.

Telling it like it is

During last night’s Republican debate here in Florida, republican presidential candidate Duncan Hunter, a congressman from California, said something few people have had the guts to say in public, let alone on national television.

U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter of California… then mentioned Cuba and criticized former President John F. Kennedy for allowing Fidel Castro to remain in power by sacrificing Bay of Pigs “freedom fighters.”
“A thousand miles away from there is El Salvador, where a Republican president, Ronald Reagan, hung tough, brought freedom to El Salvador,” Hunter said. “And you know something? Today, they are fighting side by side with our guys in Iraq.”

Hunter does not appear to have a chance at the Republican nomination, but I would like to thank him for saying what so many find taboo to even insinuate: that JFK, the purported foreign policy mastermind, is the true reason behind the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

Phoney Liberals

At last, a liberal has called out the phoney liberals who are quick to condemn the so-called “atrocities” committed by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan but turn a blind eye to the 48 years of murders and human rights abuses committed in Cuba by their poster boy castro and his henchmen. In this quiz, the author, Sarah Baxter, challenges the typical liberals and progressives in today’s world to question who they defend and if these people and organizations are truly worthy of liberal “tolerance.”

“Don’t say you haven’t been warned, comrade, when you flirt with “revolutionary Islam” as if it were a mild form of liberation theology. But it is time, too, for Che to lose his secular halo. If he were still living, the chances are he would be another dictator like Castro, who has ruled Cuba with an iron fist for half a century but gets a pass from liberals because he provides a modest health service.”

The article is a little long, but I found it an interesting read.
As I have often said, the situation in Cuba (and in any country where people are oppressed and subjugated by a totalitarian ruler) is not a question of ideology but of human rights. It does not matter what someone like castro thinks about egalitarian land reform, or the benefits and pitfalls of a centralized socialist economy; what matters is that he has oppressed, maimed, tortured, and killed his people in order to remain in absolute power.
I do not care whether you are a liberal or a conservative—if you are a human who believes in the rights of other humans to be free, you must oppose monsters such as castro.
There is no argument that gives anyone the right to support tyranny.

Liberty and Freedom kicks a little communist butt


Bolivian lapdog Evo Morales took one on the chin on Friday when the residents of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, stood up to his Stalinist type military takeover of the local international airport. In an impressive show, over 7,000 regular residents heeded the call of their governor, stormed the airport, and chased off the troops which had taken it over the day before on orders from Morales. It appears the troops were sent in by Morales when the local airport officials refused to be strong-armed by the socialist leader who demanded the airport pay his leftist government the fees they were collecting from the airlines.

The Santa Cruz region and its governor are ardent opponents of Morales’ communist ideals and have fought his socialist reforms every step of the way. Being the region richest in resources in Bolivia, Santa Cruz is an obvious target for communist pilferage.

I think it is a great and inspiring sight to see the Bolivians in Santa Cruz standing up for liberty and justice.

Today in History

On this day, October 19, 1960, President Dwight D. Eisenhower imposed a partial economic embargo against castro’s rogue dictatorship. Contrary to the propaganda bandied about to this day by leftist apologists, the embargo excluded food and medicine.
Funny how everyone talks about and criticizes the US’s reaction to the criminal acts of a lawless regime, yet never talk about what led the Eisenhower administration to take such steps. To hear them tell the story, it is as if the US government woke up one morning and decided they were going to pick on poor little castro and his uncouth revolutionaries, just for fun.
They don’t mention that, for instance:

• On June 29, 1960, castro nationalized the Texaco oil refinery
• On July 1, 1960, castro nationalized the Esso and Shell oil refineries
• On September 17, 1960, castro nationalized all US banks, including First National City Bank of New York, First National Bank of Boston and Chase Manhattan Bank

This is but a small sampling of the expropriations carried out by the totalitarian thugs, all of which were done in violation of international law. To this day, not one of the victimized companies, individuals or governments have been compensated for what was stolen from them.
But no one wants to talk about that, they’d just rather keep bashing the US and its so-called outdated foreign policy against poor castro. No one seems to think that castro’s archaic and outdated policy of stealing foreign owned property and assets might just be the policy that is in need of change.

Gettin’ the word out

Today Tomorrow Next Tuesday, October 23, a group of us will be hitting the airwaves to spread the word. Henry Gomez, Juan Amador of El Intransigente, and I, Alberto de la Cruz, will be on La Mesa Redonda this tomorrow evening with Armando Perez Roura on Radio Mambi. The show airs from 6 pm to 8 pm on 710 am radio. For those of you outside of South Florida, you can listen online here. We will be talking about the real life in Cuba and how we are trying to show the truth to an otherwise oblivious American public.
As an added treat, we hope to be joined by both Martha Beatriz Roque, and Dr. Darsi Ferrer via telephone from the island. Make sure to tune in if you can.


Listen live online HERE.
UPDATE: Just got word that due to an unexpected scheduling conflict, the show has been moved to tomorrow, Friday. Sorry for the late word, but Radio Mambi just called to let us know.
UPDATE: Just got word, again, that due to another unexpected scheduling conflict, the show has been moved to next Tuesday, October 23.

Long Time Coming


The Miami Herald has an article talking about the opening of the art gallery in Birmingham, Alabama commemorating the Bay of Pigs pilots donated by the CIA. Val is there and will be bringing us some incredible stories of valor from these brave veterans soon.
Read the story HERE.