The Real Cuba on TV

Tonight, at 8 pm on Mano Limpia with Oscar Haza, George Utset from the Real Cuba (the website), and Dr. Darsi Ferrer and Luis Alberto Pacheco from the Real Cuba (the actual island), will be exposing the Real Cuba (not the fantastical UN version) once again for the viewing public. Make sure to tune in at 8 pm tonight on channel 41 in Miami, or, you can watch it online HERE.

Not a real Cuban?

Claudia from Claudia4Libertad has a great post today regarding a letter she received from a Cuban-American who did not have the good fortune of being surrounded with other Cuban-Americans while growing up in the US. She has doubts as to whether she can consider herself a “real Cuban.”
As someone who was born in the US from Cuban parents, I strongly believe that no matter where I would have been born, either in the US or Papau New Guinea for that matter, I would still be a Cuban. Ana, the doubtful Cuban-American, is a real Cuban and nothing can take that away from her. The Cubania is in your blood, your genes, your spirit, and your core essence.
Read the touching letter of this REAL CUBAN HERE.

The victims of che guevara

Young America’s Foundation president Ron Robinson and designer Jonathon Briggs have created a poster of the infamous Butcher of La Cabaña that is actually worthy of display. With the help of our own Humberto Fontova, they have put together a collage of tiny pictures of the victims who lost their lives because of this vile excuse for a human. The photographs are arranged to form a Kordaesque image of this Mephistophelian beast. They have printed 10,000 of these posters in commemoration of Freedom Week, which celebrates the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989.


Kudos to the YAC for finding a new and creative way to educate today’s collegians who are so easily fooled into thinking che was anything more than a serial killer.
You can read about the poster and Freedom Week HERE.
You can read all about YAF and order your free poster (while supplies last) HERE.
You can see a larger image of the poster HERE.

Lies, myths, and those pesky facts

In an excellent article published in American Thinker today, Randall Hoven examines the myths and lies about communism that have consistently been the rallying call of the anti-American, pro-leftist dictatorship, American left.

Myth: The Communist ideal is quite innocent, for example, “to each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities.”
Fact: “The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property. … Abolition of the family! … Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality … this cannot be effected except by means of despotic inroads … In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things.” (The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.)

Just like they did during communism’s heyday, the left would like us all to believe that terrorists are really nice people that only want to peacefully coexist. Unfortunately, communism, which only a few years ago appeared to be in its death throes, is rearing its ugly head once again. And if that were not enough, it is joining forces with this century’s true evil; Islamofacism.

Revolutionary Dresses

“a revolutionary and exquisite white dress from the prestigious Fendi fashion house”


If it were not so sad and disheartening, Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell, and the rest of the “Useful Idiot Comedy Tour,” would have to rank as one of the most hilarious and entertaining groups to have ever existed. Their roots go back to those heady days in the early 20th century when those of their ilk squealed in delight with the torture or death of any non-revolutionary thinker.
This great article in Slate magazine gives us a brief history of these callous dimwits, and takes a look at why they feel such a strong attraction to murderers. It is an interesting read.

You don’t say…

Yesterday the Miami Herald published a story about how the Cuban Ministry of the Interior, in other words the secret police, received training and consultation from the infamous East German Stasi secret police. I don’t know if anyone at One Herald Plaza found this information surprising, but then again, they are the Herald.


They probably missed this article written by Romanian Ion Mihai Pacepa who was a former DIE agent (how appropriate an acronym) in communist Romania published in the National Review. There Pacepa not only details who the real raul castro is, but shows how closely Cuba’s dictatorship worked with and learned from the communist bloc nations in Eastern Europe.
This is the same regime that the mainstream press and countless other appeasers wants us to negotiate and reopen diplomatic ties with. Yeah, sounds like a brilliant idea. Why don’t we have a few Cuban representatives over for cocktails and see if we can’t work this thing out.
We intransigent Cuban-Americans are so overly suspicious. Just because it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a duck.

Is it too late?

On Friday, two people lost their lives protesting the reforms passed by chavez’s puppet congress. Nevertheless, on Saturday, freedom loving Venezuelans poured out into the streets again to continue voicing their opposition to this obvious attempt by the macaco mayor to seize power permanently.




Although it is good to see that the Venezuelan people have finally woken up and realized they are about to fall into the dark abyss of a totalitarian dictatorship, I have to wonder if it is perhaps too late for them. The constitutional referendum giving chavez virtual power for life will be voted on by the Venezuelan public on December 2. However, we all know how corrupt the voting system in Venezuela is, and if past experience is any indication, I cannot imagine chavez allowing a voting result other than a resounding “YES” for the gutting of the country’s democratic constitution. Regardless of how many people vote “NO” — and the tens of thousands that have protested indicate that the reforms would not stand a chance in a fair vote — chavez is going to make sure the results indicate otherwise.
So what do the Venezuelan people do then on December 3rd? They can protest the corrupt voting system, but the world’s media will ignore their pleas. The macaco mayor will have some high-ranking useful idiot like Jimmy Carter proclaim the vote valid, and the rest of the world will follow along like good little revolutionaries. The crowds will be portrayed as lawless hooligans who want to bring back the days of imperialistic oppression of the proletariat. Then, little by little, their numbers will dwindle as the days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months, and before they know it, forty-eight years will pass in a blink of an eye.
I hate to sound so pessimistic because right now our Venezuelan brothers and sisters need our support more than ever. I just wish they would have listened to us years ago because from what we can see, this monkey on their back has got a death grip on them.

Driving them nuts

This is the kind of stuff that just drives the propaganda masters in Cuba nuts. The US women’s volleyball team upset the four-time world champion Cuban team today at the World Cup volleyball tournament in Japan.


Of course, I can only wonder what awaits these poor ladies who failed to defeat the yanqui imperialistas and brought shame upon their king. He is probably seething right this moment, foaming at the mouth. Or, he could just be drooling and still have that stupefied look on his face we have seen in his latest videos and pictures. It’s hard to tell to be honest with you.
Nevertheless, we all know the real reasons why the US was able to beat the vaunted and heavily favored Cuban team: It is all because of the embargo. It cannot be because perhaps the US played a better game, or maybe the US team had better coaching. It has to be because of the embargo because anything that goes wrong in Cuba is always the fault of the embargo.

Fighting back

Venezuelan students are not taking chavez’s constitutional reforms that all but ensure his power for life, lying down. Yesterday they hit the streets again in protest and things got ugly when the police began using teargas and rubber bullets in an effort to disperse the crowds.



This type of civil disobedience and protest is going to have to continue and grow in frequency and intensity if the people of Venezuela ever hope to get this monkey off their back.

Nora Desmond Alicia Alonso


Alicia Alonso and Nora Desmond

When I first saw this photograph of communist Cuban ballerina Alicia Alonso, the first thing that popped into my head was Carol Burnett’s Nora Desmond character based on Norma Desmond from the movie Sunset Boulevard. Just like the original and Carol Burnett’s comedic interpretation, Alicia is an old star whose brilliance has long since been extinguished. She still believes, though, that she can make a triumphant return to the limelight and once again be a star for her beloved revolution. Unfortunately for her, she sold her soul to a devil named castro. The light of the world may shine upon her again for a brief moment, but only to illuminate the evil regime she devoted her art to.
Enjoy your moment in the sun, Ms. Alonso, and remember: We’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing at you.