Requiem for a Badass

Another old Cuban exile died today. He will be buried in Miami not his beloved homeland.

I am not writing this to bury him, but to praise him.

This man spent his whole adult life doing anything he could think off to free his country, and I mean anything.

His name, as you might have guessed, was  Luis Posada Carriles. He is described in the media today as controversial, at best or a terrorist, at worse.

We live in an age where the moral relativity of political correctness considers one man’s terrorist another’s freedom fighter. In reality, there is good and there is evil. Fighting against evil is noble and just.

Make no mistake, this man was fighting Castro, his secret service, the KGB, the Stasi or any other evil that tried to enslave people under the jack boot of communism. Period.

He was incarcerated, many times, persecuted, betrayed by his adopted country, shot up and turned into a pariah because he fought for mankind’s freedom.

He believed that Castro’s regime could only be eradicated from this earth violently. I concur. Communism doesn’t bend or give an inch peacefully. It is a dangerous delusion to think that the tactics of Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. will work on Godless monsters with no morals or conscience. Just ask Boitel, Paya , Tamayo or Pollan. Even the Michael the Archangel resorts to violence to defeat Satan and evil forever in Revelation.

In the days ahead, the Castro regime’s lies and propaganda decrying Posada Carriles as a terrorist will be repeated as fact. The only facts are that Posada Carriles was never convicted of any of the trumped up charges and atrocities that the Castro agents and their useful idiot allies in the American media and even government claim he perpetrated. The most famous of these is the bombing of Cuban commercial jet out of Barbados that killed 73. He was arrested, tried and acquitted of these charges…twice. Double Jeopardy be dammed! The Castro regime or the KGB have never, ever killed civilians or framed their enemies. Never.

Real terrorists, those that took up arms against America and its Constitution, like Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Oscar Lopez Rivera, Angela Davis, Joann Chesimard, (who lives in Havana), just to name a few, are folk heroes, college professors and friends of American Presidents. Le Zumba. These Marxists thugs that wanted to burn America to the ground, were financed by the Soviets through the Cuban operatives in the USA who wanted to fulfill Che Guevara’s dream of “two, three, many Vietnams.” These thugs are terrorists.

Posada-Carriles was fighting for the American values of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness in a global struggle against death, slavery and the spread of misery spearheaded by Castro and his murderous minions. He fought evil. And that is why he is hated and will be maligned. He was nobody’s terrorist. He was Castro’s worst enemy:

Castro whines about Posada-Carriles

He was a freedom fighter.

More than that , he was a Badass; a real live action hero.


A Tale of Two Tragedies

Last week a teenager in Santa Fe, Texas took his dad’s shotgun and .38 caliber revolver and went to school and killed 10 people. A national tragedy, for sure.

Maybe this is the new normal where the American youth, disillusioned with having everything, lash out at the village that gave it to them.

The same thing happened three months earlier in Parkland, Florida. A media frenzy ensued, lasting months.

Maybe it’s because many of the more affluent kids of Parkland where demanding that the society that gave them everything, except for maybe a system to keep them safe, take away their constitutional rights to protect themselves and their families from monsters like the Cruz kid that massacred their classmates and teachers in the future.

The kids from Santa Fe, (Sacred Faith, en ingles), almost as if living up to the name of their home, clung to their faith and prayed-publicly. And for the most part, blamed no one but the evil gunman. Maybe that’s why they didn’t get all that much media attention, 24/7 for months.

But we have seen this before, the media and the elites choose which victims they want to champion.
The “blue” kids of Parkland are more worthy because they have the right attitudes and ideas while the “red” kids of Middle America pretty much got what they deserved. That’s your just desserts for clinging to your guns and religion.

This same phenomenon is evident with Cuban migration. When President Obama, as was his right under the constitution, cancelled the special refugee status given to Cubans under the Cuban Adjustment Act in the waning days of his administration: Crickets. But when President Trump exercised the same executive powers by banning people entering the US from countries with terrorist issues: Mass media and Judicial Hysteria.

Probably for the same reason. Most Cuban immigrants, especially the historical exiles, don’t hold progressive, politically correct views. Plus its payback for 2000 when 537 domino playing, cigar smoking Cuban refugees gave W Florida and the Presidency.