Dan Rather–who partnered with Castro’s KGB-created secret police to create a 60 Minutes propaganda-merical to send Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba–now WHOOPING FOR JOY! over FBI raid on Trump’s home.

“Now is a time for steadiness, but HOO-BOY!…it is also a moment of hope, that a wave of redemptive energy will finally engulf the outrages of the previous administration and the grave threat it posed to the continuity of the United States as a nation of law,” writes Dan Rather.

Regarding Dan Rather’s personal adherence to our nation’s laws, please see below:

“Juan Miguel Gonzalez was surrounded by Castro security agents the entire time he was in the studio with Dan Rather and Greg Craig.” This is an eye-witness account from Pedro Porro, who served as Dan Rather’s translator during the famous “60 Minutes” interview, and who was interviewed by Augustin Blazquez.

“Juan Miguel was never completely alone,” revealed Pedro Porro. “He never smiled. His eyes kept shifting back and forth. It was obvious to me that he was under heavy coercion. He was always surrounded by Cuban security agents. When these agents left him alone for a few seconds, attorney Gregory Craig would hover over Juan Miguel.

“The questions Dan Rather was asking Elian’s father during that 60 Minutes interview were being handed to him by attorney (and Clinton-chum) Gregory Craig, who was also serving as Fidel Castro’s lawyer,” (in the guise of serving as Juan Miguel’s lawyer) continues Pedro Porro. “It was obvious that Craig and Rather where on very friendly terms. They were joshing and bantering back and forth, as Juan Miguel sat there petrified. Craig was stage managing the whole thing – almost like a movie director.”

Upon accepting the Elian case at Clinton’s behest, Gregory Craig had flown to Cuba for a meeting with Fidel Castro himself.

Interesting postscript:  (Pedro Porro’s blockbuster revelations were featured in Human Events, The Drudge Report, and the Rush Limbaugh Show upon the release of the BLOCKBUSTER (!!!!!!) book, Fidel: Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant.  AIM (Accuracy in Media) forwarded them to Gregory Craig, who denied them. AIM then set up an interview/debate with this writer and Craig. Alas, Craig was a no-show. He sent a message basically accusing me of lying—but was apparently afraid to confront me face-to-face to make the accusation, especially while I presented proof to the contrary from an eye-witness.


John Leguziamo furious that James Franco (whose father is Portuguese) will play Fidel Castro (whose father was from next door Galicia in Spain) in movie about Alina. “HE (FRANCO) ISN”T LATINO!” fumes Leguziamo, “But he’s playing one Fidel Castro!” Presumably an Amazon indian (Leguziamo has Colombian Indian lineage) an Aztec or Toltec would better fit Leguziamo’s version of “Latino”….And perhaps Rigoberta Menchu should play Alina? LE RRRRRRRRONCA!

“How is this still going on?” Leguizamo, who has previously been vocal about the lack of Latinx representation in Hollywood, said of the casting. “How is Hollywood excluding us but stealing our narratives as well? No more appropriation Hollywood and streamers! Boycott! This F’d up! Plus seriously difficult story to tell without aggrandizement, which would be wrong! I don’t got a prob with Franco but he ain’t Latino!”

“Leguizamo, is a Colombian American actor who wrote and performed the Broadway production Latin History for Morons,”

“Latin History for Morons,” writer, producer and star John Leguziamo. (seriously)


“GOSH! WOW! So what happens in Cuba NOW, Humberto!” I was asked on TV and radio last July 11th–and earlier when Fidel first got sick in 2005, through Raul’s succession, through Obama’s “opening,” through Raul’s “retirement” and Diaz-Canel’s succession, through Fidel’s death. “NOTHING” I always answered to the shocked and annoyed interviewer….”Same As it Ever Was” Well?

“GOSH! So what happens in Cuba NOW, Humberto!” I was asked on TV and radio from the time Fidel first got sick in 2005, through Raul’s succession, through Obama’s “opening,” through Raul’s “retirement” and Diaz-Canel’s succession, through Fidel’s death, and again during last July 11th’s protests. “NOTHING” I always answered, to the shock and annoyance of my interviewers.

(I said the same regarding the Venezuela protests of 2019, knowing the powers behind the throne (Stalinist Cubans) would never allow them to succeed.)

Various “Cuba Experts,” including some at the prestigious National Review and Council on Foreign Relations -were highly annoyed when I dared contradict them . But check here to see who history has proven 100 per cent correct.

“Look,” I’d explain, “I really appreciate you inviting on here and would love to provide you with a snappy, exciting program with BLOCKBUSTER revelations about an upcoming upheavel in Cuba…blah…blah.. Instead I’ll be honest–NOTHING WILL CHANGE “Same as it Ever Was. There’s just no Gorbachev or even a Deng anywhere in sight in Cuba. C uba’s ruling class is among the most cruel, and selfish in modern history, and are the only people in Cuba with guns- and there’s absolutely no incentive for them to upset their cushy apple cart. We had the last chance to liberate Cuba in April 1961—and blew it. It will require heavy armed intervention to pry power from the cold dead fingers of the scum who have run Cuba since 1959. Thank you.”

(And if it sounds like I’m gloating–I’m not. I wish I’d been wrong.)

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Most Powerful Man in Cuba After Raul Castro (Gen. Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Calleja) Dies–here’s shocking revelations about his family (some in the U.S. under aliases) that the U.S. media (who often features them as disinterested “Cuba scholars and experts”) desperately tries to hide

A favorite media Cuba “scholar,” “expert’, analyst” who goes by the U.S. media name of “Arturo Lopez-Levy” is actually named Arturo Lopez-Calleja– and is first cousins with the recently deceased “most powerful man in Cuba besides Raul” Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez Calleja. Lopez-“Levy” is also founder of a lobbying group name CAFE (Cuban Americans For Engagement..)

Arturo Lopez-Levy is a graduate of Cuba’s KGB-STASI founded Instituto Superior de Relaciones Internacionales (spy training center) where he was classmates with the infamous Gerardo Hernandez, the “Cuban Five” luminary convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage against U.S. facilities and of murder of U.S. citizens.

Back in 2009, (well before his affliction by Trump-Derangement-Syndrome,) Carlos Alberto Montaner reported that he heard from Cuban contacts that Arturo Lopez-Calleja was indeed still a functioning Cuban intelligence agent.

In 2005, Arturo Lopez-Levy (Calleja) received the Leonard Marks Essay Award of the American Academy of Diplomacy. He has also been a fellow of the Inter American Dialogue, and the (Jimmy) Carter Center.  A few years ago whenever the issue of  U.S. –Cuba relations blipped on the media radar The New York Times immediately reached out to Arturo Lopez-Levy, Raul Castro’s nephew-in-law, not that anyone would guess this anywhere in his media  bio.

“Mr. Lopez-Levy, is a former secretary of the B’Nai B’rith Lodge in Cuba.” Is how the New York Times introduced him in a story March, 2012.  “A Cuban-born academic who left the island 10 years ago and lectures at the University of Denver, “is how The New York Times described their treasured source in another article three weeks later.

“Arturo Lopez Levy is Ph.D. candidate at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies of the University of Denver, Colorado,” sums up CNN about their frequent contributor.

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Grammy-winning black rapper sentenced to 9 years in KGB-designed prison by lily-white Communist/apartheid regime for peacefully protesting. We anxiously await the tidal wave of support for the rapper and the firestorm of indignation against his Communist oppressors by the Grammy community, the Rapper community, the Black community, the Latin community, Artists United Against Apartheid, (which include Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, Ron Wood, Pete Townshend, Jackson Browne, Peter Gabriel, Bono, Bonnie Raitt, Daryl Hall, John Oates, many, many more) etc., etc.

On right: jailed and finally sentenced Cuban rapper/dissident Maykel Castillo Pérez Osorbo

A Cuban court imposed prison sentences on two famous Cuban artists who took part in composing and recording “Patria y Vida,” the viral rap song that became the anthem for disaffected Cubans banned by Cuba’s Communist regime and won two Latin Grammys last year.

Hip-hop singer Maykel Castillo and visual artist Luis Manuel Otero, who are leading members of a dissident movement defending civil rights on the communist island, were convicted of contempt and public disorder, among other charges, Cuba’s attorney general’s office said on Friday.

The 38-year-old Mr. Castillo was sentenced to nine years in prison on charges that he sought to “defile and harm the honor and dignity of the country’s highest authorities,” according to the attorney general’s office. Charges included public disobedience and contempt, disrespecting national symbols, and attacking a police officer.

Mr. Otero, a 34-year-old visual artist whose provocative street performances have challenged the government, received a five-year prison sentence for contempt, public disorder and “desecrating national symbols.”

More here.

On right: Nelson Mandela, who inspired the whole “Artists United Against Apartheid” hoopla.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis Tweets an Honor to the Bay of Pigs Freedom-Fighters on the 61st Anniv. of their Freedom-Fight.


They were known as La Brigada 2506, an almost precise cross-section of Cuban society of the time. The Brigada included men from every social strata and race in Cuba — from sugar cane planters to sugar cane cutters, from aristocrats to their chauffeurs. But mostly, the folks in between, as befit a nation with a larger middle class than most of Europe.

Short on battle experience, yes, but they fairly burst with what Bonaparte and George Patton valued most in a soldier: morale. No navel-gazing about “why they hate us” or the merits of “regime change” for them. They’d seen Castroism point-blank.

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Putin’s proxies (Castro regime) stung hard by Trump’s enforcement of U.S. law (he was the first U.S. Pres. to actually ENFORCE the Cuba embargo.) Judge rules Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and MSC Cruise Lines broke U.S. law by essentially partnering with the Castro regime’s tourism agencies and trafficked in stolen property, by using dock facilities stolen from rightful owners by the communist regime. (In other words: much of Pres. Obama’s “opening” to Cuba was illegal, and Pres. Trump’s Cuba policies simply upheld U.S. law, as many Cuban-American “hard-liners” claimed all along.)

“In a consequential ruling Monday night, a Miami federal judge said four major cruise lines with South Florida ties — Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and MSC Cruises — engaged in “prohibited tourism” and “trafficking activities” by carrying passengers to Cuba and profiting from the use of Havana port facilities confiscated by the Fidel Castro-led government, the first decision of its kind that could affect similar lawsuits.

“By using the Terminal and one of its piers in various ways, Carnival, MSC SA, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian committed trafficking acts,” U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom concluded.

According to court records previously reviewed by the Herald, the companies earned at least $1.1 billion in revenue and paid $138 million to Cuban government entities.

The companies’ cruises to Cuba “constituted tourist activities and not proper people-to-people activities, paying millions of dollars to the Cuban Government to engage in impermissible travel,” the judge wrote.

“The fact that (the Treasury Department, under Obama) promulgated licenses for traveling to Cuba, and Executive Branch officials, including the President (Obama), encouraged Defendants to do so, does not automatically immunize Defendants from liability if they engaged in statutorily prohibited tourism,” she wrote.

Read the entire fascinating thing here.

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Putin denies Holocaust (Stalin’s against Ukrainians) and historic KGB propaganda adjunct Oliver Stone lends a hand with “Ukraine on Fire” (“a comprehensive history of centuries of Russia-Ukraine relations” THAT DOESN’T EVEN MENTION THE HOLODOMOR!–(Stalin’s murder of 4-6 million Ukrainians in 1930-33 with his Terror-Famine!)

In brief, the KGB-style propaganda Oliver Stone produced for Fidel Castro in his “Comandante,” Stone also produced for Putin in “Putin Interviews” and “Ukraine on Fire.”

Regarding Putin’s rationalization/denial of the Stalinist holocaust against Ukranians see here.

“The free and independent Cuba, built by Fidel Castro nd his comrades, has become an influential member of international society and served as an inspiring example for many countries and people.” (Vladimir Putin.)

“Zelensky is CORRUPT!” trumpets the KGB propaganda campaign. Well, the KGB propagandized IDENTICALLY against: Chiang Kai Shek, Fulgencio Batista, Shah Pahlavi, Anastasio Somoza, etc.) In light of their KGB-supported replacements, miss any of those KGB-opposed crooks yet?


Actually: in 1955 Cuba contained a grand total of THREE gambling casinos, the biggest was at the Tropicana and featured ten gambling tables and thirty slot machines. The Hotel Nacional, featured seven roulette wheels and twenty-one slot machines. “By contrast, in 1955 the single Riviera Casino in Las Vegas featured twenty tables and one hundred and sixteen slot machines. This means that in 1955: ONE Las Vegas Casino had more gambling action than ALL of Cuba.

Cuba’s tourism industry as a whole generated $60 million in 1958. Havana by itself had 42 hotels. The Mob reputedly had financial in interest in 7 of these–and these didn’t include among them Cuba’s biggest hotel, the Habana Hilton. Instead the biggest hotel on the island was majority owned by the pension plan of the Cuban Federation of Gastronomic Food Workers. This fully-documented historical datum, needless to add, doesn’t mesh well with the fairy tale narrative about Cuba’s horribly exploited working class of the time, now does it?”

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Putin, Che Guevara and the Castro brothers all had the same KGB boss: Nikolai Leonov, who claimed in 2017 that Putin was a “mediocre” agent. (no word on Leonov’s current status or whereabouts.)

Russian president Vladimir Putin was a “mediocre” KGB agent, according to his former boss at the sinister Soviet spy agency. Retired general Nikolai Leonov says Putin was sent to an unimportant posting in East Germany after he was recruited as a spy.

Leonov was in the KGB from 1956 to 1991 and was the number two in the dreaded Soviet secret service when Putin served in Dresden between 1985 and 1990. He told Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo: “When we had a cadet fluent in German, as was Putin’s case, if he was good he would go to West Germany or Austria.”

“But he went to the eastern side, which was communist.”

He added that a promising officers would be sent to Berlin to work with the Stasi – the secret police of the East German regime – not Dresden. Leonov, a former Latin America expert for Soviet Russia, also claims Putin was often late for appointments – a habit that was “strange and scandalous” to KGB officers.

Putin admits he was in a “minor position” in the KGB but Russian state media often claims he bravely defended the Soviet Union, even threatening an angry crowd with a gun to stop them from ransacking the spy agency’s offices after the collapse of the USSR.

Leonov, 88, told the newspaper that he is pessimistic about Russia’s future under Putin and thinks that the Russian strongman is not as secure in power as most people believe because he is dominated by the powerful oligarchies.

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