Cuba “Opening Up!”

Cubans can now buy cell-phones and microwaves! They can stay in hotels! All this without fear of being sent to a Gulag and bludgeoned with bayonets!!
Just think! At this rate, in another two centuries or so, the Cuban regime might allow as many freedoms as allowed by Pinochet’s and Botha’s!! (Apartheid South Africa’s Sun City Resort was always open to South African blacks and was actually partly owned by them. But Frank Sinatra, Rod Stewart among others caught hell as ‘insensitive” from their fashionable peers–The Police, prominent among them–for performing there.)
Perhaps when Cuba is as free as Apartheid South Africa, we’ll get all those Democratic “anti-Apartheid hardliners, extremists and intransigents” clamoring for sanctions against Cuba?
just a thought

Cuban-Americans Enrage Al Jazeera (Updated)

Al Jazeera even managed to scrounge up some Democratic Cuban-Americans, both as oracles for this splendid turn of electoral events and as poster-boys for this political marvel. Watching the show, you waited for Al Jazeera’s Avi Lewis to pat them on the head and hand them a doggie treat. What fun a proud and genuine spokesperson for the Cuban-American community might have had with Avi Lewis of Al Jazeera.
Read all about it right here, at Newsmax.
Update (Val): Humberto “the Surgeon” Fontova completely dessimates Al Jazeera and Joedilocks. This is, absolutely, today’s must read.

Guerrillas–real and comically bogus

This Raul Reyes who just got whacked in Ecuador was a leader of FARC– who have fought for 40 years, control (tragically) a good portion of Colombia, and have recruited 10,000 fighters (narco/terrorist-murderers- kidnappers.)
Ernesto “Che” Guevara. never fought a guerrilla campaign, recruited fewer than 30 fighters in Bolivia, controlled no territory, wandered around lost for half a year, utterly lost and apparently unable to read a compass–then was captured and his force wiped out at their first genuine firefight.
So who get a major Hollywood epic title “Guerrilla!” !!? (due out late this year)
There’s nothing like having Fidel Castro as a publicity agent–with one drawback: he’ll only crank up the “Star-Making Machinery” (as Joni Mitchell sang) after having sent you to “sleep with the fishes.”
(Please don’t misconstrue this to suggest I sympathize with the mass-murdering FARC. Just an observation.)

Alan Colmes’ Ignorance on Cuba

Many thanks for the support, amigas and amigos.
I’m very grateful. Allow me to explain what happened on Hannity & Colmes. Originally, I was to be an in-studio guest of the show –as I was a few months ago. The horrendous weather made my impromptu trip to New York impossible. So I had to resort to a satellite broadcast from a ramshackle studio in New Orleans. I could not see either Col. North or Colmes during the “interview”, even on a studio monitor, as is normally the case during satellite interviews. I could not see their facial expressions for cues as to when and HOW to respond. In fact, at times it was hard even hearing them.
When Colmes finds me sitting two feet away from him, he’s not quite as snide and frisky, believe me. Here’s the evidence from my last H&C “interview.”
Cuban matters will be discussed much more intelligently and at length this Monday on the nationally syndicated Dennis Prager Radio show. The show has granted me an hour to tell our side of the story this Monday starting at 10 AM Pacific.
Many thanks
Humberto Fontova

For Cuba: “Same As it Ever Was”

Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking intelligence official ever to have defected from the former Eastern Bloc, regards Castro’s political police as “one of Communism’s most criminal institutions.” Coming from a man who learned the ropes of his profession from Stalin’s henchmen and who served as Nikolai Ceaucescu’s chief spy, this is saying something. “I saw nothing in him (Raul) suggesting he might ever want to democratize Cuba, “continues Pacepa.
Nowadays Raul and his crony generals are all in their mid-seventies and beyond. These men lived into their young adulthood under a robustly capitalist Cuba, where Cuban laborers earned the 8th highest wages on earth, where Cuba had a higher per-captia income than Austria and Japan, a larger middle class then Switzerland, and where Cuba was swamped with European immigrants.
Under these circumstances, Cuba’s current robber barons (and their families, in general) had achieved nothing. Honesty, hard work, property rights and the rule of law repel them. To think they’d voluntarily revert to a system that rewards such traits and institutions is ludicrous. I repeat: under it they failed miserably.
Read it whole thing right here.

The Teflon Tyrant Retires, From Frontpage Magazine

the Babalu Family is well aware of much of the following, most of the world is not.:

“Upon entering Havana on January 7, 1959, Cuba’s new leader Fidel Castro broadcast that promise into a phalanx of microphones. “Cuban mothers let me assure you that I will solve all Cuba’s problems without spilling a drop of blood.” As the jubilant crowd erupted with joy, Castro continued. “Cuban mothers let me assure you that because of me you will never have to cry.”
The following day, just below San Juan Hill in eastern Cuba, a bulldozer rumbled to a start, clanked into position, and started pushing dirt into a huge pit with blood pooling at the bottom from the still -twitching bodies of more than a hundred men and boys who’d been machine-gunned without trial on the Castro brothers’ orders. Their wives and mothers wept hysterically from a nearby road.
On that very day, the U.K. Observer ran the following headline: “Mr Castro’s bearded, youthful figure has become a symbol of Latin America’s rejection of brutality and lying. Every sign is that he will reject personal rule and violence.”

Cuban “leader” FIdel Castro, Cuban “Dicator” Batista.

The Miami Herald keeps lobing it over home plate for anything with a fully-functional brain. Today they refer to (and in the same article, lest we overlook their disingeniousnes or stupidity) to Cuban “leader” Fidel Castro (Jailed political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin, Stalinist regime control over travel, education, press, employement, etc. etc. etc.) to Cuban “dictator” Batists (Cubans perfectly free to flee Cuba with all property etc, and Cuba boasting net immigration)

Imagine a Republican campaign volunteer with a David Duke poster!! AHHHH!!!!

Obama Workers Sporting Che Guevara Images
Imagine, say, Huckabee campaign volunteers in, say, Possum Gulch Ark., discovered with their offices displaying David Duke (who despite his looney ravings has killed no one, and who, as far as I know, has never advocated the nuclear extermination of the U.S. population) posters.
Do you think there might be a media hullabaloo, with the attendant extortion rackets by “civil rights leaders”?
Do you think that a campaign spokersperson’s lame exculpation of these Duke posters as “inappropriate” would suffice– would call of the dogs?
We all know better. The orgy of self-flagellation, groveling, hoop-jumping, and whimpering (not that they would have gotten it) demanded from any Republican candidate would have made Dom Imus’ recent antics look like Ollie North in front of the Iran-Contra hearings.
Read the whole thing, right here.