Britney looked GREAT!

From Leno to the New York Post, and– as ZZ Top says–“all points in between”, Britney Spears is taking it on the chin for her MTV awards performance. Okay, her performance was one thing–but mainly they’re hooting at her figure!

Everyone’s hooting and smirking that she’s hopelessly overweight! I invite you to compare her figure to those of the mouth-watering Cuban gals featured at the Tropicana in the ’50’s. (I’ve savored pictures of them right here on Babalu.) These Cuban gals enchanted healthy male American tourists too–perhaps that was their primary audience. So in fact, Britney still needs to pack on another ten of fifteen pounds to reach her curvaceous womanly prime, the gorgeous hourglass figure beloved of normal males throughout history.

Everybody knows male homosexuals dominate the fashion industry. Everybody knows their aesthetic ideal is a skinny boy. And that’s their business. And I don’t begrudge them their commercial success and influence. That’s the market at work. But when their ideal becomes the national (or media) norm– then we’re in trouble.

Stating a blatant truth about the fashion industry can’t possibly provoke any more hate mail than stating the truth about Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Publisher’s Weekly didn’t describe my first book as “an orgy of political-incorrectness!” for nothing.

So there.


Fun Exercise 2 !!

Two former Latin American heads of State have been much in the news lately. One titled himself Chief of State, Head of Government, Prime Minister, First Secretary of the Communist Party, and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. along with “Maximum Leader,” which perfectly mimicks Fuhrer, from whom he lifted what became the title of his most famous oration and book. His “constitution” mandated several years in prison for anyone overheard cracking a joke about him. He held absolute power longer than Mao and Hitler combined.

The other summoned free-market consultants from the University of Chicago to advise his administration on the best ways to diminish or completely abrogate government power over the lives of his nation’s citizens. He promised elections and held them, winning an overwhelming mandate to continue in power in one plebecite and losing in a second eight years, whereupon he voluntarily relinquished power as he had promised. Interestingly, though he considered the 2nd plebescite a loss, his tally of supporting votes though not quite a majority, was still much higher than had been the tally that “elected” the Marxist president he helped overthrow. He held office only slightly longer than Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

You will never, ever in a million, gazillion years guess which one the media is reviling as “Dictator” and which they refer to a as “President”!

It gets even better here from today’s Newsmax.


Fun Exercise!

In light of all concern lately in the news about the victims of Latin American dictators see if you can find the terms “anti-Pinochet extremists” or “anti-Pinochet hardliners” or “rabidly anti-Pinochet hotheads” linked to any of those who sought “justice” for the Chilean Junta’s “human rights abuses.” Look for any hint that these noisy Chilean malcontents are “intransigent,” and “living in the past.”

Okay, now replace the word “Pinochet” in the above phrases with the word “Castro” and see if you manage to find any of these terms ABSENT from any media mention of those who seek justice for a list of (genuine) victims that dwarfs the one for Pinochet’s rule.

While we’re at it, go back a bit and see if you find the term “anti-apartheid extremists” or “anti-aparthied hardliners” or “rabidly anti-aparthied hotheads” used for those who advocated economic sanctions against South Africa.

Okay, now replace the word “apartheid” with the word “Castro” and see if you find the qualifiers ABSENT from any media mention of those who advocate economic sanctions against Cuba. While you’re there, please notice the names of those who advocated–at the top of their lungs –sanctions against a regime that practiced segregation. You’ll note that, from George Mc Govern to Chris Dodd and from Jesse Jackson to Charles Rangel, it’s almost the identical gang who advocate –at the top of their lungs—an END to economic sanctions against a regime that practices segregation AND Stalinism.

Now see if you can find the words “hypocrites” or “scoundrels” associated with any of these people. On second thought, don’t waste your time…..Okay, maybe that wasn’t so much fun after all.


The Herald Outed Again!

The Herald tries to pull a fast one with the Bretos article and Henry “El Conductor” sounds the bugle. Crazy whoops sound in the distance and the sound of hoofbeats approach……..We crane our necks and shield the sun from our eyes for a better view……

Yes! Here he comes! Waving his saber overhead and whooping like Slim Pickens riding the bomb at the end of Dr Strangelove– its Professor Tony De la Cova! He gallops into the picture hacking savagely with one hand and blasting away on his six-shooter with the other. The Herald’s ploy is rendered– not just into dead-meat–but into dead meat blasted and hacked to smithereens. He exposes the Herald author (and Herald editors, once again) as pathetic and scheming FRAUDS. You GOTTA LOVE IT!

It’s an old story, actually. The pink Media/Academia/Democratic alliance simply cannot get it through their THICK heads that most Americans of Cuban heritage will NOT accept marching orders, cues and talking points from them, like good little “Hispanics,” rewarded with a nice little pat on the head.

This drives them BONKERS!–has for 40 years. “What?!” We snort like Moe Green when Michael Corleone threatened him. “NO! I buy YOU out!” This drives them crazy. Fortunately they can’t retaliate (quite) like Mikey Corleone.

It’s on oft-used ploy by the above-mentioned alliance. They ferret out a Cuban-American willing to demonstrate his superior wisdom, erudition, social-cachet by bad-mouthing (however subtly) those chusmas in Miami and their Castro obsession. Note the term “pimping.” We’re nothing but cheap whorehoppers, you see.

Well, the New York Times ( a much bigger fish than the Miami Herald) tried it with our friend Professor Carlos Eire. (a much bigger catch than this Bretos fraud–Carlos won the National Book Award.) Carlos’ response to the world’s most famous newspaper was no different from Colonel Mc Auliffe’s to the Nazi commander who demanded his surrender during the Battle of the Bulge –“NUTS!!”

When the New York Times attempted to dictate the slant of his editorial, professor Eire, (in his own characteristically gentlemanly way) told the world’s most influential periodical to go piss up a rope. He would NOT play along in their little scheme to smear his compatriots–regardless of the fame a New York Times editorial would gain him. You gotta love that too.

Why Americans of Cuban heritage vote mostly Republican should be obvious: Cuban-Americans are mostly white, middle class, family-oriented Americans with the same financial, cultural and defense concerns as most white, middle class, family-oriented U.S. citizens.. So they vote, almost exactly, like most white, middle class, family-oriented Americans. End of story.

Naturally it galls the above alliance that Cuban-Americans zoomed to middle-class status without their blessing and patronage–indeed, in violent antagonism to it. More galling still, in the process, we zoomed past most of their “ethnic” and “minority” constituents, who still dutifully punch the clock on the liberal plantation. So they erupt in frequent hissy-fits. You gotta love that too.

The Bay of Pigs, Kennedy-Khrushchev, Elian factors are obviously all important–but not crucial, it seems to me. Too often the Democratic platform sounds like a Lite version of what we fled. All that socialized medicine, class-envy, racial demagoguery stuff spouted by Democrats–now where have we heard THAT before, hunh?

A Democratic convention looks and sounds alarmingly like a Castro rally in 1959. “Hillary esta es tu casa!”…”Teddy seguro– dale a los Yankees duro!” we expect to hear. With Michael Moore as their guest of Honor in 2004 a Cuban-American who voted for them comes across– not as misguided–but as downright masochistic, like a battered wife meekly returning to the grimy brute for another battering.

Anyway, I ask : would it be possible to share an occasional forum with a more illustrious, informative and KICK-ASS team? It’s a treat to rub shoulders with everyone on this site.

El Barbaro INDEED!!

Do we need more proof that bloggers, like Val, are beating the MSM like red-headed stepkids– like egg-sucking dogs! Val is tearing the MSM a NEW ONE !! Their pro-Castro monopoly is OVER!! Their rants and sniffles are music to my ears.

Congrats, amigo! When you get finished with that “quality time” with the ‘ole lady, just booze it up and GLOAT!