Cuban food, Christmas, and the wonderful Marta Darby

We recorded this in 2012 or 9 years ago. What a fun show. We had a chance to speak with Marta Darby, the one and only Cuban food expert and editor of My Big Fat Cuban Family blog.

We focused on Christmas dishes and the Cuban table. As always, Marta presented her recipes with love and enthusiasm.

Please check out her blog and recipes. You will become a fan of Cuban food.

“Leche condensada” and other things we had growing up Cuban!

Please listen to our Cuban food show with Marta Verdes Darby, editor of “My big fat Cuban family“;

Sonia Martinez, author of “Tropical taste“; and,

Frank Burke, friend of the show and contributor to American Thinker.

And we got to wish Marta’s mom “Happy 100th” birthday!

Last, but not least, we remembered “leche condesada” and growing up Cuban.


Cuban food between “San Giving”, “Noche buena” & “Fiesta de Año Nuevo”!

Please enjoy our annual Cuban food holiday seminar with Marta Verdes Darby, (My big fat Cuban family) and Sonia Martinez, author of “Tropical taste”.

Marta and Sonia are ‘tesoros del exilio”.   They cook and write about Cuban food.

In fact, Marta’s website is one “recipe after another”, as you can see in her latest from her blog post.

Sonia lives in Hawaii and has quite a cookbook of tropical recipes.

Let me say this:  You will love these ladies.  You will get hungry, no matter what time of the day you listen to our show.

Click here to listen: