American filmmaker imprisoned in Venezuela released and kicked out of the country

Tim Tracy, the American documentary filmmaker who was arrested and imprisoned by the Cuban-run dictatorship of Venezuela has been released and kicked out of the country.

Via Fox News Latino:

U.S. Filmmaker Tim Tracy Released From Venezuelan Prison; Expelled From Country

Tracy Protests Venezuela.jpg

A U.S. filmmaker who was arrested In Venezuela for allegedly instigating unrest was released from custody and expelled from the Latin American nation, his attorney said Wednesday.

Tim Tracy, a 35-year old documentary filmmaker from Los Angeles, boarded a flight from Caracas early Wednesday morning bound for Miami after being released from Venezuela’s notorious El Rodeo prison. He was arrested in April at the Caracas airport for allegedly fomenting unrest and funding opponents of President Nicolás Maduro.

Tracy was released because there was not sufficient evidence to hold him, his attorney Daniel Rosales told Globovision.

“Everything worked out well in the end,” Rosales said, according to reporter Girish Gupta via his twitter account.

Tracy’s release was secured with the help of former U.S. Rep. William Delahunt, a Democrat from Massachusetts, said Tracy’s sister, Tiffany Tracy Klaasen.

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A personal note

I just returned from three days in Puerto Rico for a work conference. Beautiful place with fantastic vistas on the north coast. I imagine that the blue of their part of the Caribbean is as beautiful as the blue that surrounds our sad island to the west of them. I would also like to praise an institution that gets bashed very often, and, I think, unjustifiably so: Miami International Airport. MIA is, of all the airports I’ve used, the best. The new amenities in the American Airlines concourse are second to none — the place is very well run. My two forays there this weekend were trouble-free and pleasant. Kudos to all.

Sometimes, they just don’t get it

Google, is an incredibly shortsighted and rather stupid decision, has decided to shutter Google Reader on July 1 of this year.

Google is a leviathan in web services and I have to use a few of their services out of sheer convenience. Reader was one of them. (I hate their mail program.) I track my 167 feeds with ease and I’m able to send articles to the Babalu team with relative ease. Now, that will all be gone, and sorely missed. I’m trying out an alternative on the web that was recommended to me: Feedly. I’ll report over the next couple of weeks if I like it enough to keep it.

BTW, someone else found out about Google’s decision to kill Reader and he was rather pissed, as are the rest of us Reader users.

A housekeeping note

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That is all.

A WordPress housekeeping note

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A major housekeeping note (UPDATED)

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