Doing business with Cuba is bad business for Florida — Especially for Tampa


When most of the business that Florida conducts with Cuba involves the sale of “cattle semen,” that says it all! Regardless of the propaganda spread by U.S. Representative Kathy Castor ((D-Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL), doing business with Communist Cuba is bad business. This is to be expected from a country that has starved its population for 56 years.

While Tampa and Ybor City have a rich history with Cuba, that history dates back to the fundraising activities led by Cuban Patriot Jose Martí to bankroll the independence movement of Cuba from Spain.  If Martí were alive, he would oppose President Obama’s new Cuba opening as it would prolong the oppression of his people by Communist dictators.

Clearly, it is greed and ignorance of Communist Cuba’s long history to harm the United States that drives American businessmen to trade with this Caribbean Island.  It is votes that Congresswoman Castor is after, or, perhaps, the similarity of the Congresswoman’s surname with that of the Castro Dictators.  I think that it’s time that Floridians re-evaluate their erroneous assessment of Cuba as an investment haven

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