Cuban dictatorship releases video of ‘terrorist attack’ on its embassy, raises more questions

The communist Castro dictatorship has released security video of what it calls a “terrorist attack” on its embassy in Washington that captured an unidentifiable person throwing two Molotov cocktails at the building. The Cuban regime hopes this video will bolster their claim it was an act of terrorism, which they are trying to milk in the court of international opinion for all it’s worth.

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Patients at a Cuban psychiatric hospital are being ‘starved to death’

A patient at the Manuel Fajardo Rivero Psychiatric Hospital in Manzanillo, Granma.

Communist Cuba, the “medical power” lauded by American leftists, not only can’t provide medical care and medicine to patients, they can’t even feed them. At a psychiatric hospital in the Cuban province of Granma, Cubans are denouncing how patients are being “starved to death” due to malnutrition while under the care of the Castro dictatorship. This is socialism in action.

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Cubans fighting for Russia in Ukraine used as cannon fodder, regret signing ‘pact with the devil’

From our Bureau of Twenty-First Neocolonialism

Leftist news service Politico has published a long article on Cuban soldiers in Ukraine. The article reveals how Russia is recruiting and using these young Cubans. Despite all disclaimers from Havana and Moscow, the funneling of Cuban soldiers to the war front is a well-organized operation backed by Castro, Inc. and Grand Putinia.

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Reports from Cuba: What’s left of Cuba’s supposedly free education?

Lucia Alfonso Mirabal writes from Havana via Diario de Cuba:

What is left of Cuba’s supposedly free education?

At the beginning of the 2023-2024 academic year, the crisis opens the door for businesses that charge very high prices for materials that the State does not guarantee, despite propaganda alleging the contrary.

Parents and students in front of a school in Cuba.

On September 1, three days before the start of the 2023-2024 school year in Cuba, Holguin mother Yenys Fernández complained that her daughter and her primary school classmates would begin classes in a “classroom” that, in reality is a warehouse under construction. The images that Fernández posted on Facebook show the rubble of the construction work in progress and the considerable distance that the children will have to cover to reach the bathrooms.

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Op-Ed: Daughter of Biden’s Interior Secretary linked to Cuban intelligence front group

The Cuban dictatorship socialist revolution took a once prosperous nation and turned it into a third-world hellhole. But when it comes to intelligence and espionage, the Castro regime runs an efficient and effective operation. Throughout its history, the communist Castro dictatorship’s intelligence apparatus has launched organizations to lure and capture foreign supporters. According to a recent Op-Ed, one of those is a leftist group employing the Interior Secretary’s daughter.

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Shocking photos released of ‘firebombs’ allegedly tossed at Cuban embassy in Washington

From our Bureau of Lame Incendiary Devices with some assistance from our Bureau of Lame Socialist Security Cameras

Wow! I’m shocked, shocked, Mildred, at the destructive power of the Molotov cocktails launched against Castro, Inc.’s embassy in Washington. No hint of fire, no hint of smoke. Ah, but plenty of drama, for sure, and plenty of whining and carping on the part of Brunito “El Maldito” Rodriguez.

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Why censorship diminishes our vibrant canvas

From the moment I was born, freedom was a given. I grew up with the liberty to express my thoughts, showcase my talents, and voice my opinions without the looming fear of censorship. However, not everyone is as fortunate. Censorship of art and self-expression is akin to draining color from a once-vibrant canvas, leaving behind only muted shades of uniformity. Here’s why this resonates profoundly for me.

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A meditation on the sacrilegious travesty at Father Varela’s church in New York

Bishop Cisneros (with pectoral cross) at Felix Varela farce

From our Bureau of Hellish Hypocrisy Involving Church and State with some assistance from our Bureau of Painfully Inappropriate and Loathsome Shepherding Assignments

Yesterday’s revolting event at Father Varela’s Church of the Transfiguration defies description. Its multiple layers of symbolic meaning seem so infinite, too, and so offensive, that one is forced to meditate on it rather than to analyze it.

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