Rabid Cuban communist journalist who spewed propaganda and bullied colleagues now living in U.S. under new name


From our Bureau of Poorly Disguised Vipers with some assistance from our Bureau of Monumental Hypocrisy

A Castronoid journalist with intimate ties to the Communist Party who constantly spewed the dictatorship’s propaganda and made life miserable for her colleagues has left her once-beloved workers’ paradise and is enjoying all the benefits of a free capitalist society here in the U.S. You can see some of her pro-dictatorship tweets HERE.

She’s only only one of innumerable repressors who have fled Castrogonia after working assiduously to keep the dictatorship in power. She has been outed, but whether she ever receives the payback she truly deserves remains to be seen.

South Florida might be a tough place in which to hide and disguise her identity. Perhaps she should seek a job in higher education in some other state. On just about any college campus in North America, she’s likely to be venerated as a champion of diversity, Inclusion, equity, and social justice.

One of Yeter’s many incriminating tweets

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Reports from Cuba: Identity card required to buy fried chicken quarter at Plaza Carlos III mall

Juan Diego Rodriguez reports in 14yMedio from Havana via Translating Cuba:

In Plaza Carlos III, an Identity Card is Required to Buy a Quarter of Fried Chicken

Some of the first forty customers this Wednesday, sitting and eating their quarter chicken.

Forty people and forty identity cards, not one more. The crisis in the markets has made the leap to state cafeterias, and even in the cafeteria of the popular Plaza Carlos III, in Central Havana, it’s already impossible to sit normally and eat a quarter of fried chicken. The restaurant has decided to limit the sale, and, as if it were just another ration store, customers are obliged to identify themselves so as not to “monopolize” the 350 grams of chicken that the place sells for 37 pesos.

The line to buy fried chicken in the central place was a hive of people this Wednesday when a man, dressed in a T-shirt that identified him as “security,” went out to organize the line and ask customers to present one identity card per person, because he was only going to allow forty to enter.

Immediately the pushing and fighting began, epic for a reward as scarce as a piece of chicken. Or two, if the one you get is small. “No way you’re going here,” one said. “I’ve been here for hours,” shouted another. “You’re not going ahead of me,” a third party argued. Meanwhile, the guard continued to stop the tumult with his hand up.

Carlos III Plaza  is known as the great palace of consumption in Havana and is the largest shopping center after Cuatro Caminos. Its location, in Central Havana, and its aesthetics, with a characteristic circular ramp winding through the structure, has made it since the ’90s one of the most prosperous and crowded shopping centers in the Cuban capital.

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Cuban dictatorship desperately trying to attract Canadian and Russian tourists to its apartheid hotels

Russian descendants of the Vikings roaming the streets of Havana

From our Bureau of Perfectly Respectable Apartheid with some assistance from our Bureau of the Great White North

As cold weather begins to encroach on northern latitudes, Castro, Inc. is making a huge effort to attract superior beings from sub-polar regions to its apartheid hotels and resorts, where there is always plenty to eat and drink, plenty of air-conditioning, and plenty of whatever it is that 99 percent of the Cuban population is lacking.

The effects of the Covid plague have been disastrous. Right now, according to The Ministry of Tourism, about one half of Castro, Inc.’s hotels are still closed.

So, the push is on to revive tourism. But, as it turns out, Czar Vlad the Invader has just dealt a blow to Castro, Inc.’s hopes. Putting Grand Putinia on a war footing and mobilizing 300,000 reservists to join the murdering and raping in Ukraine is sure to put a crimp on vacation plans for many Russians. And his threat of using nuclear weapons might have even worse consequences for the whole world.

Canadians, as always, are not likely to stay away, no matter what. Never mind the dengue epidemic. Never mind whatever else is going on in Cuba. Never mind the threat of nuclear annihilation. Castro, Inc. can always count on them to keep its apartheid tourist industry in business.

Come on down, Canadians, never mind the dengue epidemic!

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DeSantis campaign launches ‘Cubans against Karla Marx’ t-shirts

If Democrat Florida governor candidate Charlie Crist thought no one would pay attention to him picking as his running mate Karla Mats-Hernandez (Karla Marx), who mourned the death of communist dictator Fidel Castro, boy was he wrong. Taking advantage of Crist’s bad judgment, of which he has a decades-long history, the DeSantis campaign has launched new campaign merchandise that features Crist’s Castro-admiring running mate (via Florida’s Voice):

The DeSantis Campaign released new merchandise available for purchase with the tagline “Cubans Against Karla Marx,” referencing Democrat Charlie Crist’s running mate, Karla Hernandez-Mats.

Hernandez-Mats was slammed for a Nov. 26, 2016 Tweet issued after the death of Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro known for brutalizing and abusing inhabitants of the country.

“A political figure dies at 90. Most in Miami rejoice, many in Cuba mourn #FidelCastro,” she originally said.

“Charlie knows full well the pain and devastation that the Castro regime has inflicted on Cubans, and still he willfully chose someone who celebrates the murderous dictator’s regime. This is appalling, but sadly not surprising, because Charlie himself has visited Cuba to pose for a smiling photo with a Communist regime mouthpiece,” the DeSantis campaign told Florida’s Voice.

“Charlie might not care about the victims of communism or the devastation that this evil ideology has wrought on every country where it’s been tried, but Governor DeSantis does.”

After backlash, Hernandez-Mats deleted the tweet and compared Gov. Ron DeSantis to Castro.

Besides her sympathy for the Cuban tyrant, Mats-Hernandez is also a far-left extremist and union boss with quite a dubious history. Therefore, she has earned the name Karla Marx.

Of course, the Crist campaign will try to spin this as some type of attack and the Florida media will jump to the defense of Karla Marx, but the truth is impervious to their propaganda. The reality is Karla Marx is a far-left extremist who insulted Cuban American voters in Florida with her public mourning of Fidel Castro.

We won’t forget on November 8th.

(You can get your own “Cubans Against Karla Marx” t-shirt HERE.

A Cuban American’s story of continuing her family’s Cuban heritage after the passing of the ‘viejitas’

The author, age 4, and her father’s family in about 1965, before they left Cuba. (Courtesy Ana Hebra Flaster)

As first generation Cuban Americans, we all have or will eventually pass through the phase of when the family torch once held by our parents or grandparents will be passed to us.

This is Cuban American Ana Hebra Flaster’s story of becoming the new matriarch of her Cuban family.


How I became the matriarch of my Cuban family in New England

My cousin gave me the news at my aunt’s funeral. Teresita and I were both teary-eyed, just a few feet from Tia Silvia’s coffin, in a room full of Spanish-speaking mourners cooing comfort to each other. Tere leaned toward me, pulling the syrupy scent of lilies with her, and whispered, “You are the matriarch now.”

I must have looked as stunned as I felt, because she let out a giggle that made grey heads turn our way. There’s no giggling in Cuban velorios. We mourn Old World-style, reliably somber, visibly pained, clad in a black for weeks or months, depending on our proximity to the deceased. Yet here I was, complicit in breaking the cardinal rule of luto, or “mourning”: no giggling.

Was I even old enough to be a matriarca? The evidence had been piling up, and not just in my mirror and knees. I’d just read that 29% of roughly 30 million Latinas in the U.S. are 45 or older — vieja range. Like me, they’d probably been shocked by how fast things unraveled once their beloved viejas started dying. We’re the viejitas, now, the ones who’ll be wearing the matriarca’s shawl.

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Cuban family dumps gallon of cooking oil before allowing police to confiscate it

Cooking oil is one of the most difficult food items to find in communist Cuba, but one Cuban family would rather dump it on the ground than allow police to steal it from them. This is real resistance.

Via CiberCubai (my translation):

Cuban family in Villa Clara dumps a gallon of cooking oil to prevent its confiscation

On Tuesday a Cuban family in the town of Palmarito in Santa Clara, Villa Clara chose to dump a gallon of cooking oil into the ground before allowing police to confiscate the precious fluid, one of the hardest products to obtain across the country.

In a short video that is making the rounds on social media, viewers can see the profound indignation of those who had the oil. They decided to dump the prized merchandise before it could be confiscated by two police officers who were searching the area in their police car.

“With all the hunger and misery there is in this country . . . we’re not going to let them take the cooking oil because we had to work very hard for it to allow them to come in and steal it,” shouted a visibly upset women who was the victim of the attempted confiscation moments after dumping the oil on the floor in a rural area of the town in Villa Clara.

“Look at the faces of the police, look at their faces, there you have them,” added a Cuban man who filmed the video.

The two police officers, who did not respond at all and did not dare leave their vehicle, could only flee the area as fast as they could.

Continue reading (in Spanish) HERE.

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Cuban dictatorship admits that dengue epidemic is out of control throughout entire nation

From our Bureau of Socialist Epidemic Control with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Ambulance Service

You know a bad situation has to be very, very bad if Castro, Inc. admits that it is bad, indeed. Such is the case with Castrogonia’s current dengue epidemic, which has now been declared a scourge throughout the entire island.

Still, no one knows for sure how many Cubans are infected or how many are dying. Castro, Inc. doesn’t like to divulge such information.

One of the deaths reported yesterday was that of a little girl in Cárdenas who had to wait 20 hours for an ambulance to take her to a hospital. By the time the ambulance arrived, it was way too late.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The infestation rates caused by Aedes aegypti, the transmitting agent of dengue, continue to be high in Cuba, the Minister of Public Health, José Ángel Portal Miranda, said Monday in an article published by official channels in which, without giving statistical data , admitted that “the risk of getting sick is high throughout the country.”

At the end of week 37 of the year, the provinces with the highest incidence rate of suspected dengue cases on the island were Santiago de Cuba, Havana, Guantánamo, Las Tunas, Matanzas and Mayabeque, as well as the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud.

In the current focal treatment cycle that began on September 5, Portal Miranda added, the largest number of mosquito outbreaks is concentrated in Santiago de Cuba, Havana, Camagüey, Holguín, Matanzas, Villa Clara and Pinar del Río. The greatest delays in the development of these actions are today in Mayabeque and Santiago de Cuba, he said.

According to the Minister of Public Health, “positive results can be seen in containing the virus,” but “the transmission or the increase in the incidence rate of suspected cases have not yet been stopped.” He refused to give statistics, or to reveal the deaths attributed to dengue since the epidemic broke out this year.

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Reports from Cuba: Countdown until ominous Penal Code goes into force: is another ‘Black Spring’ at hand?

Lucia Alfonso Mirabal reports from Havana via Diario de Cuba:

Countdown in Cuba until the entry into force of an ominous Penal Code: is another ‘Black Spring’ at hand?

DIARIO DE CUBA looks at the extent to which two articles of the Penal Code that are very dangerous to civil society will most likely be implemented.

As the countdown until the entry into force of the new Cuban Penal Code has begun, after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic on September 1, several questions will be inevitable for members of civil society: Are they going to imprison me?

How far is the regime prepared to go to apply a law that obviously breaches fundamental freedoms? Should we prepare for mass incarcerations like those that took place during the Black Spring?

It is important to note that the adoption of this Act nullified Law No. 93, of December 20, 2001 on “Acts Against Terrorism,” but not Law 88 on the “Protection of Cuba’s National Independence and Economy,” aka the Gag Law. The Penal Code and Law 88 will coexist and remain a threat to Cubans who openly disagree with the government.

When the preliminary draft of the Code was published, DIARIO DE CUBA explained, through an analysis of its articles, how the law represents a clear setback for citizens in terms of the exercise of human rights, and further shields those in power.

The Penal Code, as activists and religious leaders have noted, including within the National Assembly, not only maintains the death penalty, but extends it as a punishment for acts carried out against those in power that they classify as crimes, also punishable with life imprisonment or imprisonment for up to 30 years.

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Castro dictatorship’s gourmet food festival in Varadero an insult to starving Cubans

The communist Castro dictatorship has plenty of food for foreign tourists staying in regime-owned resorts, an insult to Cubans who spend every day standing in lines for rationed food. This is socialism in action.

Via CubaNet:

Varadero Gourmet 2022: An Affront to Cubans

The XII Edition of the Varadero Gourmet 2022 Festival makes Cuba sound like a great tourist destination, when the crude Cuban reality is actually very sad and difficult.

It matters not that we Cubans have to sleep, wake up and fight until we bleed on a food line in order to try to buy food products in a country plagued with serious shortages, and where the salary of a highly qualified professional is still not enough to cover the cost of the basic food basket. While this happens, the XII Edition of the International Varadero Gourmet Festival has been celebrated at the well-known resort in Matanzas.

It doesn’t even matter that Varadero is deserted, its streets empty and dozens of hotels closed for lack of tourists, that gastronomic choices are hideous and where it is practically impossible to find a simple bottle of water, while the Cuban Ministry of Tourism, together with the Cubasol and Palmares companies, is partying –as if everything were going splendidly- and concentrating on banquets, wine tastings and conferences like the one that took place last Wednesday at the Plaza America  Convention Center about the “pairing of sausages and beverages.”

That conference, as well as the whole event –organized, they say, to promote “healthy and sustainable cooking” that seeks to preserve “our customs, traditions and identity-related singularities”- would seem like a joke, but they are merely one more insult to the endurance –the “creative resistance” really- of millions of Cubans who, for many years, have been forced to give up the indispensable ingredients of native Cuban gastronomy, but also have been prevented from producing such ingredients, to trade them or to acquire them freely, even when the state enterprises that should be producing them are the universal paradigm of inaptitude.

One of the first questions one asks in the face of such pretentious “culinary event” is about the trustworthiness and credibility of the hosts, assuming that they embody cumulative prestige and experience to share, but it so happens that the Cuban regime, in addition to having shown for decades that it is unable to feed the people, is singlehandedly responsible for the loss of our main traditions, and not just the culinary ones.

Yet, who knows the reasons why, amidst the absurdity and while we, the people, are enduring hunger, the subject of “gourmet” cooking has become the obsession of the dictatorial elite of this island, when the objective should be to produce food for everyone.

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