Tennis Anyone?

Babalu is already weighing almost 12 pounds and absolutely loves being outside. Believe it or not, at 11 weeks, he’s already fetching and yet still has puppy breath.


Now, let me tell you a little story….

Some of you may remember that I lost my dog Othello back in July. He was a very unique dog. The prototypical Alpha male. Well, the wife and I decided to get a new dog quickly as Katy, Othello’s mom and companion, at 16 years old, was depressed at his loss. Along comes Babalu.

Now, everyone remembers the term “Babalu” from Desi Arnaz and the I love Lucy show. What not everyone knows is that “Babalu Aye” is the name of an Afro-Cuban god. To the Orishas, Babalu Aye is St. Lazaro, the cripple on crutches with two dogs at his side. It is said that Babalu Aye died as punishment for his sins, but was later brought back to life by the supreme Orisha being, Olodumare.

Othello had his own character. He would not eat if you were watching him, nor would he do his business afterword if you were watching him. He loved hugs, digging his head into my chest and just hanging out there. He loved my dad. You could never get him away from my father. He also would not let the dog groomer that comes to our house get anywhere near him. He would show his teeth and growl.

Well, Babalu is the exact same way. We took him to dad’s house the other day and he was glued to my father. Would not leave his side. He is also the same way about his food and his business. Babalu loves to get hugged just like Othello. To top it off, the groomer came by yesterday and Babalu, for the first time, growled at him.

I think, maybe, theres a little Othello in Babalu. Even though they are completely different breeds, the similarities in characters is eerie. Maybe Othello’s not done guarding me yet and he’s making sure I am still ok.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins lost their season opener at home yesterday to the, I shudder to say, Houston Texans, 21-20. I am pissed. Seems they picked up right were they left off last year.

This little guy is pissed too:

Dolphins 2.jpg

Don’t worry Brandon, it’s a long season. And any given Sunday…..

Lemme Splain….El Leenkaso forehgive mye espanglich, pero toodaye gwee haf a tremendo leenkaso…

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Sincerest Gratitude

Thanks to all of you for your concern and support for me and Othello. You all are outstanding people for having comforted me with your thoughts, prayers and best wishes during this very difficult crisis. I am humbled by the fact that despite everything that is going on in the world lately, you all took the time to offer a don’t worry he’ll be back, or a we’ll be thinking about you and Othello. And when the news came in, you offered your heartfelt condolences and sympathies.
I feel honored and privileged to call you all my friends.

I thank you, and my dog, now staunchly guarding St. Peter’s gates, I’m sure thanks you too.

Othello – Chapter 1

When I first started dating my wife, her dog Katy had just had a big litter of pups. Katy had apparently gone outside of the fence one day and hooked up a with a black labrador. (Katy is pure Chow) So the litter was really, umm, mixed, being that Katy is caramel color and most of the pups were black.

My wife was having a heck of a time giving the pups away to good homes so I said “Ok. Bring me the smallest, scrawniest, weakest looking puppy of the litter.” I figured she would probably never be able to find a home for the ugly duckling.

At the time I was living in a really beautiful apartment above a two car garage detached from the main house. My pad was great. Wood floors, french doors, central A/C, windows ererywhere. The patio downstairs had chicago brick pavers, a bar with mosaic tile tops, a jacuzzi. It was the ultimate bachelor pad. The only problem with adopting a dog was that my lease didn’t allow it and that the landlord (a friend of mine that lived in the main house) had cats. But I told Maggie to bring him anyway, I would work it out.

Luckily, the day she was to bring this puppy over, the landlord was out of town so it wouldnt be such a difficult thing to sneak him in. “Bring him over,” I said, “Luis is out of town.”

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My Dog

Still havent found him. I’m way past worried. Flyers go up tonight.
Here’s one of the photos I took of Othello on Sunday:


UPDATE: Thanx to you all for your prayers and support. Hopefully Othello is just sowing his wild oats somewhere and will be back home soon. My other dog, Katy, is Othello’s mom, she’s 17 years old. Since Othello’s been gone, she hasnt eaten and all she does is mope around all day. He is probably the only thing that has been keeping her with us.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, I’ve been told Othello was in fact hit by a car and that he will no longer be able to bother me with his obnoxious barking. Descansa en paz Papo.

My Dog

Yesterday when I finished my chores, I sat out back at Man Camp, popped open a cold one and started to drown a few worms. While Im out there fishing, Othello, my dog, was there helping me. Watching the water in case some ominous creature came up through the ripples and attacked me. He looked awesome. A beautiful dog. Proud. Loyal. Super smart. The prototypical Alpha dog.

I’m looking at him and I think Man, I haven’t photographed him in a long time. So I go and get the Nikon and sneak back and throughout the afternoon I take a roll and a half of pictures of my dog.

Today, I get a call at the office from my neighbor saying that Othello was out passed 107th Avenue (a very busy street nearby). Apparently, Othello jumped into the canal out back and swam across. (It’s a good hundred feet to the other side.) Thru the phone I hear my neighbor calling him and coaxing him to follow. And he does, all the way home and into the yard. Whew! I thought. Thank God.

I get home about an hour later and Othello is nowhere to be found. I’ve been searching all over for hours and nothing and it’s killing me. I pray to God he is alive. I hope he is just hanging out with some dog babe that’s in heat and that he will be back soon. Very spent, a little hungry and with a little extra spring in his step.

Come home Othello. Please. Your water bowl is fresh and I have some leftovers for you.