Some People Just Don’t Get It….

Every time I hear of some inane idiot making disparaging remarks about the men and women serving in our armed forces, I just want to grab fucker and beat some fucking common sense into him.

Thank heavens we have Sgt. Hook, who, while having the training and dexterity to actually do the ass kicking, prefers to honorably shred the moron to pieces using the most lethal weapon in his arsenal: words.

We Need Another

Worry-Free Weekend?. At least I do. Server problems all day today and have lost one day’s worth of posts and comments and whatnot.

Perhaps last weeks meme can be carried over to this weekend.

Worry-Free Weekend™ Woes

Well, the Worry-Free Weekend™ began with my server going down and intermittent, if any, service. But, being that it’s the Worry-Free Weekend™ I’m not worried. I am going to continue to enjoy my Worry-Free Weekend™ even if it kills me.

New Meme

Dave of Interrobang?! provided this weekends meme in the comments section of this post from A Small Victory.

This weekend is going to be blog-free, news-free, and worry-free. In fact, let’s start a meme. Worry-free weekend.

I now officially declare the start of Worry-Free Weekend?

So kick back, crack open a good book, make yourself your cocktail of choice and chill the hell out.


Sorry for the minimal amount of blogging of late, but I have been touring the blogoshpere lately and, to be honest, am quite exhausted. Not to mention disappointed, angry, frustrated and sad.

Both sides on any issue howling at the moon. Straying from civil discourse. Baiting each other, ad hominem attacks. Man, what the fuck is going on?

One would think that blogdom would be a place to actually discuss issues instead of flaming them. A place to take people on the merits of their opinion and not slander them on the basis of their ideologies.

For crying out loud people, not everyone is the same. Not every one who believes certain things on the right or the left believes in everything the right or left believes in. Why must everyone be lumped in one pile simply because they hold an opinion different than someone else’s?

Cant we fucking agree to fucking disagree fucking agreeably?

See? Even Michele and Kelley agree.


Sorry for yesterday’s lack of posting. I had a little problem over at the homestead that needed my immediate attention.

When I arrived home from work on Tuesday I find Babalu soaking wet in his crate (he is still crate training). I figured he had gone for a dip in his water bowl again. I take him out, towel dry him and see that his bowl is still full of water but the crate liner has about 1/4″ of standing water. What the… The floor area around the crate is also soaking wet. Ohoh. So, I, being that I am in the construction industry, immediately know its a roof leak. It’s directly above Babalu’s crate. The plaster is flaking off the ceiling and it’s still dripping.

To make a long and pain in the ass story short, I had to get up in the attic, crawl on trusses all the way from one end of the house where the access is and search for the leak. Nada. I couldnt find it. So, yesterday was a day of leak detection, ceiling removal, debris cleaning, etc…

I finally found the leak, but I couldnt get it fixed in time. It is now at the top of this weekend’s Honey-do list. Damn. There goes my Saturday.

On Media in Iraq

Thanks to Michele for finding this unbelievable article on an ABC reporter’s findings in Iraq.

In a nutshell, the reporter, in her altruistic concern for Iraqi children losing their lives because of scattered left-over ordnance, has them play and pose on said ordnance to accentuate her story.