From Portland to Chile, the left is burning everything down

What do Santiago, Chile and Portland, Oregon have in common?  They didn’t have anything in common until the radical left and the anarchists started burning everything that they could get away with.   Does this sound familiar?  Check this from PanAm Post:     

The Communist Party of Chile and its associates have sown among young people the idea that the state has the power to not only govern morality but that it can and should govern and deliver even goods and services.

To be fair, they are not burning churches in Portland.  However, they did go after statues of saints in other cities.    

So what’s going on?   We are watching an international movement to destroy the West.  They are not flying airplanes into our buildings anymore, or at least not for a while.  Instead, they have poisoned the young people in universities with ideas that the U.S. is inherently racist and that capitalism only benefits white men.  

Sadly, they’ve succeeded far beyond expectations.  This is what we are seeing in Santiago, Chile, or the most prosperous country in Latin America.  

How do we stop it?  It won’t be easy because the anarcho-communist radical left are willing to kill you if they can.   

The first step is to reelect President Trump and send a message that Americans are fed up with these criminals.   I’m optimistic but also lighting a few candles to my favorite saints.  

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Venezuela’s gas tank is empty

Over the years, Venezuela was associated with oil.  It was the country’s defining export. But as the New York Times reports, that was then and this is now:

For the first time in a century, there are no rigs searching for oil in Venezuela.

Wells that once tapped the world’s largest crude reserves are abandoned or left to flare toxic gases that cast an orange glow over depressed oil towns.

Refineries that once processed oil for export are rusting hulks, leaking crude that blackens shorelines and coats the water in an oily sheen.

Fuel shortages have brought the country to a standstill. At gas stations, lines go on for miles.

Venezuela’s colossal oil sector, which shaped the country and the international energy market for a century, has come to a near halt, with production reduced to a trickle by years of gross mismanagement and American sanctions. 

The collapse is leaving behind a destroyed economy and a devastated environment, and, many analysts say, bringing to an end the era of Venezuela as an energy powerhouse.

There you have it.  The best case against socialism.

Venezuela is not just out of oil.  It has also destroyed a once prosperous and well educated middle class.  Many from that middle class now live in the U.S. and support President Trump because they understand socialism in a way that few U.S. college students do.

As my late father said, communists steal your property and then destroy your country.  Venezuela is exhibit A!

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How do you say Lakers vs Heat in ‘chino’?

Did you hear that L.A. and Miami are playing for the NBA title?  Maybe you did and don’t care, as we see from this TV ratings:

Game one of the National Basketball Association (NBA) finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat averaged a 4.1 rating and 7.41 million viewers on US network ABC, making it the least-watched game of the champion-crowning series since at least 1988, according to Sports Media Watch.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not a big NBA fan.  Honestly, it was a better game in the 1980s, when Magic Johnson and Larry Bird gave us a great rivalry.  Nevertheless, I did follow the finals, especially if the Mavericks or Spurs were representing Texas.

The NBA cannot write off a drop like that in TV ratings as a temporary case of “systemic racism.”  We may be watching something bigger than racism.  My guess is that a lot of fans, myself included, are just fed up with a little too much politics on the court or jerseys.

It makes me wonder what’s next.  At times of uncertainty, it’s a good idea to check with our friends at the Babylon Bee.  They may have hit on the solution to keep the dollars flowing and teams meeting bloated payrolls:

In an effort to salvage its relationship with China, the NBA is now requiring all players to stand for the Chinese national anthem at the beginning of every game.

The official song of the People’s Republic of China, “March of the Volunteers,” will be played at the start of all professional basketball games, whether at home or abroad. All players, fans, coaches, and employees will be required to stand and solemnly sing lyrics including the following:

Millions of but one heart we run towards the Communist tomorrow!
Build our homeland, guard our homeland, and fight gallantly.
March on! March on! March on!!

We, for tens of thousands of generations to come,
Hold high the Flag of Mao Zedong, march on!

Why not?  Win one for Mao.  Remind the world of how tolerant Mao was with dissent and how the Chinese cultural revolution allowed the masses to read their favorite books.  Those were the days, and the NBA will bring them back.

In the meantime, we can practice our Chinese and get ready for the Peking Lakers, Canton Celtics, and whatever mascot you want to use for the place where the virus came from.  Maybe the 19ers?

Yes, if I may steal someone else’s line, “Go woke, go broke.”  It couldn’t happen to a nicer group of uninformed and irrelevant tall people.

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Groucho and the Cuban cigar

Julius Henry Marx was born in New York City on October 2, 1890.  Later, he and the Marx Brothers made us laugh and laugh. My favorite is “A night at the opera,” but the others are great, too!   My late father once told me that the movies were popular in Cuba.

Did you know that Groucho loved Cuban cigars?  He was often seen with a Cuban cigar in his mouth in movies or on his “You bet your life” television show.  

Groucho died in 1977.

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If Mexico sold Cuba its presidential plane, Raul Castro would default on the loan

Down in Mexico, President Lopez-Obrador is trying to keep a most unusual campaign promise.  He promised to get rid of the president’s plane or their equivalent of Air Force One. During the campaign, he said that the plane was a symbol of corruption.  It was apparently purchased by his predecessor President Enrique Pena-Nieto who is now under a huge cloud of corruption.

What is the story of the plane today? This is the story from The New York Times:  

As soon as he took office, he began trying, with great fanfare, to offload the jet. He speaks about it regularly in the hours-long news conferences he holds every morning — one of them held in front of the Dreamliner parked in its hangar. As president, he makes a point of flying commercial. But offers didn’t exactly start rolling in for the Boeing 787, which, with its king size bed and treadmill, does not lend itself to commercial use. When he raised the spectacle of a raffle, Mexicans flooded social media with memes about what they would do if they won the plane and suddenly had to pay for its maintenance, gas and parking. Confronted with the questionable wisdom of giving an airliner to a regular citizen, he nixed the idea. He’d hold the raffle, he decided, but would instead give away 100 prizes of nearly $940,000 each.To promote the new scheme, he invited businessmen to a dinner in which he served tamales and passed around a sign-up sheet so they would pledge to buy tickets.

Nevertheless, the plane is still sitting there. I guess that selling a jet is not easy these days.  Yes, selling a jet with a king-sized bed and treadmill is not a hot ticket item.

I contacted a few Mexican friends by phone and got some interesting responses to the story of “el avion.” A businessman in Jalisco said that the whole thing is a distraction from COVID.   He’d rather have the government give him some straight stuff about COVID deaths. Shortly after, the businessman’s wife took the phone and repeated a few “adjectives” about President AMLO that can not be repeated in any language. A friend in the south, a retired businessman, told me that the plane has little use. He joked that President Trump already has a plane and Raul Castro would default on the loan if Mexico sold it to Cuba.

So the plane has turned into something of a nasty joke south of the border. It’s sitting at the hangar and President Lopez-Obrador will continue to fly “coach” whenever he visits President Trump.

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Saint Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997)

We remember today a very special woman. She was born Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu in Albania in 1910 and founded the Missionaries of Charity in 1950. I am talking about Mother Teresa, or now St.Teresa of Calcutta who died this week in 1997

Mother Teresa touched many, including non-Catholics and non-Christians. She was a staunch pro life voice in a world where millions of babies are aborted in the name of a “woman’s choice” or “reproductive rights.”  

St. Teresa of Calcutta’s will continue to influence people for centuries with her words and legacy of good deeds.  

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The day Soviet tanks crushed The Prague Spring

The USSR and The Warsaw Pact are history. Prague is now the capital of The Czech Republic and Slovakia is another country or The Slovak Republic. Some of us are old enough to remember this day or when 200,000 Warsaw Pact troops and 5,000 tanks invaded Czechoslovqkia to crush the “Prague Spring”.

It was a dark day for freedom. Like the Hungarians in 1956, the people of Czechoslovakia were given a taste of Soviet “tolerance”. The Prague Spring was all about freedom and reforms, but the Kremlin did not accept it and sent the tanks in.

A sad day for those of us who were watching from the West. We remember today all of the people who stood up to Soviet tanks in Prague.

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The Berlin Wall and more victims of communism

The Berlin Wall is something I grew up talking about.  

The construction of the Berlin Wall started on this day 1961 and the first casualty came in August 1962.    It happened when two young men tried to escape.  One young man made it to the other side.  Unfortunately, the other was shot in the back and bled to death.

From 1961 to 1989, the Wall was an international symbol of freedom.  You had free people on the Western side and a repressive state on the East.   It was clear to most of us that this wall meant something.   We can not forget those who were killed crossing this wall because they wanted to be free.  They were some of the many victims of communism in the last 100 years.

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The NBA should change its name to the CBA, the Chinese Basketball Association

Who got the NBA to “to shut up and dribble”?  It was China in its most intimidating ways, as David Whitley wrote:

Amid all the preaching, would someone make a peep about a country that commits more human rights abuses in 10 minutes than the U.S. does in 10 years?

Don’t press your ears against the NBA’s bubble waiting for an answer.The league officially declared it has no soul in October, when Houston general manager Daryl Morey sent one measly tweet supporting the democracy protests in Hong Kong.

The Chinese Communist Party started pulling NBA games off TV and merchandise off shelves.  With its multibillion-dollar relationship threatened, the NBA quickly bowed in subservience and sent Morey to re-education camp.

Since then, the NBA has stayed mum as China ransacked all rights in Hong Kong, unleashed COVID-19 on the world and herded countless more Uighur Muslims onto trains bound for slave labor camps.Yes, those guys in the NBA know who pays their salaries, or at least who will punish them if they don’t “shut up and dribble.” 

Sadly, no one in the U.S. media will ask the players about that other country where reporters get thrown in jail when they actually practice journalism. They won’t ask about that other country where freedom protesters actually get beaten up for simply expressing themselves. 

You won’t hear a word from LeBron James or the Warriors’ head coach or any of the others so eager to push their politics in your face. 

So stop pretending, and let’s call then what they are: the Chinese Basketball Association.  At least the players and league will confirm whom they are loyal to and scared of. 

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Remittances update: ‘No hay dinero’

For years Mexicans have sent billions of U.S. dollars to their families back home.  It is a social safety net in small towns.  In fact, I recall a joke about two Mexican ladies walking down the street and noticing their neighbor had new windows.  And then one said to the other that her son lived in “el norte.”

According to a Fox report, remittances to Mexico were U.S. $36 billion in 2019.  In simple terms, that’s about 3% of their U.S. $1 trillion GDP.   For the sake of comparison, Mexico receives about U.S. $25 billion from tourism and U.S. $22 billion in annual petroleum exports.

It must have been a bit frustrating for Mexico to read that unemployed migrants in the U.S. have no money to send.   According to Erick Shneider, regional head for Latin America and the Caribbean with WorldRemit, they’ve noticed a drop.  (Via The San Diego Union-Tribune)

How long does this last?  It depends on how long the U.S. economy is down.

How will this hurt Mexico and other countries that depend on this monthly transfer?  It will hurt a lot.  At the same time, maybe the governments will finally come to terms with developing their own economies rather than depend on people abroad to “wire” cash.

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