Don’t miss a single Babalú Post!

Once upon a time, Facebook was a great way for Babalú Blog to get in front of its readership. Sadly, that time has past. You see, Babalú’s Facebook page has has been liked by more than 4,400 users but our posts are routinely seen by less than 200 users in their actual Facebook feeds.

Thousands like Babalú
But only a fraction see our content on their Facebook feed.

Why is this happening? Perhaps Babalú is being “shadow banned” because of our political leanings, which don’t conform to tastes of big tech giants, such as Facebook. But a more likely explanation is simply that Facebook would rather we pay to promote our content than to give us “organic” exposure. But we’re a volunteer blog, with little to no financial resources to pay for exposure, so we really on you, dear readers, to spread the word.

In any case, here’s a few tips to ensure that you never miss a post.

  • Make a habit of visiting directly when you’re surfing the web. You can even make your homepage on your web browser, that way every time you open a window you’ll be seeing our latest content.
  • Make sure your settings for our Facebook page are set to “See First”. You can elect up to 30 friends or pages to “See First” and prioritize them in your timeline.
  • Download a news aggregator like Feedly for your iPhone or Android device to create your own customized feed. You can select Babalú Blog as one of of the sources for that feed.
  • And lastly, if you can do us a favor and share our content when it does appear in your social media timelines, we’d be eternally grateful.