Communist Cuba’s long history of high-level spies in the U.S.

The latest American spy for the Cuban dictatorship arrested is just one of many spies the Castro regime has managed to infiltrate into high levels of the U.S. government. For decades, the U.S. government has brushed aside constant and repeated warnings from Cuban exiles about the Castro regime’s infiltration into the most sensitive areas of government, and the American people have paid the price for that. We are not talking about just low-level agents of influence, but high-level government officials who have been compromised and turned by the Cuban dictatorship. But what do Cuban exiles know, anyway? They’re just driven by hatred of the Castros, right?

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During visit to Iran, Cuba’s ‘president’ reaffirms their support for Hamas terrorists

Cuba’s sock puppet president picked the perfect the place to show the world why the communist Castro dictatorship remains on the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. While visiting Iran, a fellow terrorism sponsor, the so-called president met with Iran’s dictator, where he reaffirmed Cuba’s support for Palestine’s Hamas terrorists and pledged to continue cooperation with Iran’s terrorist regime.

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U.S. diplomat arrested for being a Castro spy became an agent for Cuba in 1981

For more than 40 years, Victor Manuel Rocha was feeding intelligence to the communist Castro dictatorship while working his way up the ladder of the U.S. State Department. He eventually became an ambassador, with access to intelligence, which he dutifully passed on to the Cuban regime. That Rocha is a traitor who spied for a communist regime is bad enough. That he fit right in at the State Dept. and went undetected despite the warning signs only makes it worse.

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Cuba’s fake president signs various accords with Iran, pledges assistance in war effort against Israel

Best Friends Forever

From our Bureau of Lovely Friendships Between Terror-Sponsoring Dictatorships

Castro, Inc.’s puppet “president” Trucutú Díaz-Canalla enjoyed the warm reception he received in Iran over the past few days, as Iran-backed Houthi rebels attacked a U.S. warship and some commercial vessels in the Red Sea. At the very same time, Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of the Exterior complained very loudly in its propaganda rag Prensa Latina about the unfairness and “slander” of being listed by the U.S. as a state sponsor of terrorism.

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Reports from Cuba: San Lazaro, the Havana street where residents live in permanent fear of collapse

Juan Diego Rodriguez reports in 14yMedio from Havana via Translating Cuba:

San Lazaro, the Havana Street Where Residents Live in Permanent Fear of a Collapse

“What we need here is a ‘Caterpiller’ [wrecker],” said a neighbor close to the collapse this Thursday.

A flap of concrete and steel makes it difficult to exit through the door of the tenement located at 512 San Lázaro Street between Lealtad and Perseverancia, in Centro Habana. This Wednesday what everyone had been fearing for years happened: part of the upper balcony collapsed, leaving a trail of rubble and increasing the fear in which several families in the apartment building live. On a block where just remaining standing is an everyday challenge for the buildings, residents know that the scene could be repeated in the surrounding homes.

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No thaw for you! Remembering when Henry Kissinger contemplated air strikes against Cuba

Hey, Henry, why don’t we try a “thaw” in relations with this guy, just as we’ve done with China and the USSR?

From our Bureau of Responses by Angry Statesmen to Duplicity of Latrine American Communist Tyrants with some assistance from our Bureau of Early Versions of Obamapalooza

Much has been said about Henry Kissinger’s statesmanship in the past few days, following his recent death at age 100. Kissinger is remembered for so many significant diplomatic initiatives that a full list could fill dozens of pages.

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Recovering Cuba’s human rights legacy

Dec. 1945. Ex-PM Winston Churchill invited to lunch at the Cuban Embassy in the UK.

Despite the past six decades of human rights abuses and crimes against humanity, at one time, Cuba was a beacon of human rights for the entire world. That legacy has been systematically destroyed by the communist Castro dictatorship, which has worked diligently to erase and bury any and all human rights. But history and the truth can never be erased completely, and there is still hope that Cuba will be free again and recover its human rights legacy.

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Former U.S. ambassador arrested in Miami for working as an agent of the Cuban dictatorship

Manuel Rocha

Federal agents on Sunday arrested Manuel Rocha, the former State Dept. diplomat and U.S. ambassador to Bolivia for acting as an agent for Cuba’s communist Castro dictatorship. Few details were revealed regarding the charges against him, but with a 25-year diplomatic career, the extent of the damage he may have done to the U.S. could be extensive.

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