Sincerest Gratitude

Thanks to all of you for your concern and support for me and Othello. You all are outstanding people for having comforted me with your thoughts, prayers and best wishes during this very difficult crisis. I am humbled by the fact that despite everything that is going on in the world lately, you all took the time to offer a don’t worry he’ll be back, or a we’ll be thinking about you and Othello. And when the news came in, you offered your heartfelt condolences and sympathies.
I feel honored and privileged to call you all my friends.

I thank you, and my dog, now staunchly guarding St. Peter’s gates, I’m sure thanks you too.

Othello – Chapter 1

When I first started dating my wife, her dog Katy had just had a big litter of pups. Katy had apparently gone outside of the fence one day and hooked up a with a black labrador. (Katy is pure Chow) So the litter was really, umm, mixed, being that Katy is caramel color and most of the pups were black.

My wife was having a heck of a time giving the pups away to good homes so I said “Ok. Bring me the smallest, scrawniest, weakest looking puppy of the litter.” I figured she would probably never be able to find a home for the ugly duckling.

At the time I was living in a really beautiful apartment above a two car garage detached from the main house. My pad was great. Wood floors, french doors, central A/C, windows ererywhere. The patio downstairs had chicago brick pavers, a bar with mosaic tile tops, a jacuzzi. It was the ultimate bachelor pad. The only problem with adopting a dog was that my lease didn’t allow it and that the landlord (a friend of mine that lived in the main house) had cats. But I told Maggie to bring him anyway, I would work it out.

Luckily, the day she was to bring this puppy over, the landlord was out of town so it wouldnt be such a difficult thing to sneak him in. “Bring him over,” I said, “Luis is out of town.”

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My Dog

Still havent found him. I’m way past worried. Flyers go up tonight.
Here’s one of the photos I took of Othello on Sunday:


UPDATE: Thanx to you all for your prayers and support. Hopefully Othello is just sowing his wild oats somewhere and will be back home soon. My other dog, Katy, is Othello’s mom, she’s 17 years old. Since Othello’s been gone, she hasnt eaten and all she does is mope around all day. He is probably the only thing that has been keeping her with us.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, I’ve been told Othello was in fact hit by a car and that he will no longer be able to bother me with his obnoxious barking. Descansa en paz Papo.

My Dog

Yesterday when I finished my chores, I sat out back at Man Camp, popped open a cold one and started to drown a few worms. While Im out there fishing, Othello, my dog, was there helping me. Watching the water in case some ominous creature came up through the ripples and attacked me. He looked awesome. A beautiful dog. Proud. Loyal. Super smart. The prototypical Alpha dog.

I’m looking at him and I think Man, I haven’t photographed him in a long time. So I go and get the Nikon and sneak back and throughout the afternoon I take a roll and a half of pictures of my dog.

Today, I get a call at the office from my neighbor saying that Othello was out passed 107th Avenue (a very busy street nearby). Apparently, Othello jumped into the canal out back and swam across. (It’s a good hundred feet to the other side.) Thru the phone I hear my neighbor calling him and coaxing him to follow. And he does, all the way home and into the yard. Whew! I thought. Thank God.

I get home about an hour later and Othello is nowhere to be found. I’ve been searching all over for hours and nothing and it’s killing me. I pray to God he is alive. I hope he is just hanging out with some dog babe that’s in heat and that he will be back soon. Very spent, a little hungry and with a little extra spring in his step.

Come home Othello. Please. Your water bowl is fresh and I have some leftovers for you.

Celebration in Cuba

Here’s how it goes:

The comite house in the neighborhood recieves a box of cuban flags and is told to hand them out with a smirk and a wink. So this person knocks on you door, hands you the flag and says:

“Here’s your flag for the celebration on Saturday. You must bring it with you to the spectacle. You must wave it. You must chant. You must applaud in approval when cued. . . .Or else.”

The Castro regime loves to show to the world it’s rallies with seemingly all the Cubans completely enthralled and content. The reality of it is that not everyone at those rallies gives a rat’s ass about Castro or the rally. They are simply there so they can continue to get their rations card every month. So they can keep whatever shitty job the regime has allowed them to have. So that the government wont take their lack of revolutionary zeal out on their family.

What a disturbing joke.

The Castro Croaking Contest

Okay, I was going to do this once my blog had a bit more traffic, but something (wishful thinking) tells me I need to do it now.

Since there are many preparations to be made for the incredibly tremendously stupendous BASH that I will throw when this happens, I need to have a date to aim for. There’s flags to hang, kegs of beer to order, fireworks shows to set up. I need to order a pig for roasting, my mom needs time to prepare her famous frijoles negros, cases of rum have to be brought in. Time is needed to set up the bandstand and line up the acts, and the dancefloor has to be installed. Candles will need to be lit for los difuntos, those that died without ever seeing a free Cuba. I need to get lots of Kleenex boxes. Tons of Kleenex. Lots and lots and lots of Kleenex as on that day, many many tears will be shed. Tears of pain, tears of joy. Tears, tears and more tears.

So, I want to know, and I need your input here, when will the bearded one kick the bucket? On what day, exactly, do you think Castro will die?

The winner will receive a box of Cuban cigars. Good Cuban cigars. And Kleenex, lots and lots of Kleenex.

UPDATE: The following dates are already taken:

July 4, 2004
2005, The Latin Grammy’s (TBA)
May 31, 2004
May 5, 2004
November 21, 2003
April 17, 2004

Won Ton Soup In Cuba

The Cuban and Chinese governments have come to an agreement on how and what Chinese groups will be allowed to travel to Cuba.

Which Chinese citizens do you think will have the benefit of being tourists? The common population? Or will it be the government elite?

Ooops, I forget, everyone is equal in communist China. And, if I recall correctly, everyone is equal in communist Cuba, unless you are a tourist.

Reporters Without Borders

There has been a great deal of backlash at the media lately, with reporters slanting their articles to suit their agenda, or asking completely inane questions in an effort to discredit people. But, as with everything in life, there is another side. In this article by Granma International, Fidel’s media outlet, we see the perfect example of this.

This slanted report in Granma deals with the Reporters Without Borders organization that has just lost its accreditation with the UN simply for condeming the appointment of Lybia to chair the UN Human Rights Commision. Note the only three countries named in the article, those bastions of freedom: China, Lybia and Cuba.

Of course, the agenda for the ostracized reporters is to bring to light certain humanitarian issues that no other media outlet seems to take seriously, unless, of course, these outlets can pin the blame on the US. So, basically, if you are a reporter, feel free to slander and demean and discredit the US and her allies, but stay away from the leftists lest your credentials be revoked. Seems the Human Rights Commision is following Castro’s guidelines for foreign reporters: Print what we say and not what we do, or, get the hell out.

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