Chief Wiggles is calling upon us all to help him out. The children of Iraq essentially have no childhood, living a life of necessity and want. This is perhaps the worse crime against humanity: to not let a child be a child. To play, imagine, laugh and lose themselves in that place kids go to when they are talking to their teddy bears or pushing their Tonka truck along. The Chief wants us to help him change that by sending these kids toys.

I’m in. You should be too.

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One of the things I love most about football are the rivalries. You can have 2 or 3 friends over for a game, downing a few brewskies, the grill on and full of munchies, and each person still have a different favorite team. Rick, one of my all time best friends is an avid J-E-T-S fan and, while we trade puns and barbs and criticize each others team with incredible zeal, we are, still, best friends. We know we are there for each other in the clutch. Rick and I always make a bet at the beginning of the year: Whomever’s team has the better record or makes it farther along in the playoffs, wins. The ante? Loser pays for the Super Bowl Party.

I recently learned that our esteemed Sgt. Hook is also a J-E-T-S fan. But, like my buddy Rick, regardless of the warped football afilliation he may have, I truly truly like and admire the guy. From his writings I can easily conclude that Sgt. Hook is a man you can count on in the clutch. A true gentleman and a man of honor.

Hook and I also made a small football Jets/Dolphins wager and well, the results and pay-out can be found here.

Property Ownership

The Cuban Government, in a bold, “revolutionary” move has begun to allow property “ownership” in Cuba. Owning property in was not possible as all property was nationalized back in the sixties.

So, basically, those whose homes or businesses were taken away almost 40 years ago are screwed as now, the captive squatters remaining on the island can simply register a deed for whatever parcel and *poof* become landowners.

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Run Ricky Run

The Ricky Williams led Miami Dolphins 17, the “ominous, hottest in the NFL” Drew Bledsoe led Buffalo Bills 7.

Ricky Williams. Ricky Williams. Ricky Williams.

Ricky. Williams.

The New Europe on Castro

Kudos to the New Europeans:

Internal opposition is growing in strength; even the police raids in March failed to bring it to its knees. The times are changing, the revolution is ageing with its leaders, the regime is nervous. Castro knows only too well that there will come a day when his revolution will perish with himself.

Three former European presidents prod the bearded one in a letter to the Daily Telegraph.

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Isabel made me sick

Small office, 4 employees. One gets flu on Monday. By Friday, germs have overtaken staff. All are lethargic and wheezing.

Damn. I hate being sick on weekends.

It’s all your fault Sheila. I have your flu.

I need veebaporub.