Man o man. This is the kind of shit that I really hate about politics. Mr. Al Recount Gore made the following statement – referring to President Bush – as fact, without, of course, offering any proof or anything to back up the remark:

“He took America on an ill-conceived foreign adventure, dangerous to our troops, that was preordained and planned before 9-11,”

This takes the term sour grapes to whole new irresponsible levels.

The Beauty of this Country

I already tracked back to this entry at my nephew’s blog, but I just wanted to look a little beyond the surface.

This country has alot of problems, and there are things that need to be addressed. However, no society is utopian. There is no such thing as a perfect country with a perfect government and a perfect population.

Now, look at the photos in this post. What you see there isn’t just a boy’s first birthday party. What you see in those photos is family and friends, primarily immigrants or children of immigrants, living the American Dream.

Every one of those people attending that party at that park has been afforded the opportunity to grow and prosper. We all enjoy the magnanimity of the United States of America, where we are free not just to opine, worship and speak. We are free to advance and improve ourselves and our lives. The only thing that prevents anyone from prospering in the US is their own lack of determination.

Putting it into perspective, regardless of whatever it is about America that bothers us, we all have alot to be thankful for.

Gracias America y que Dios te bendiga.

To Revolution or not to Revolution

Fellow Cubiche and friend Will of Mire blog has some interesting thoughts and valid points about the Castro/Chavez connection and it’s effects on US policy in the Americas.

Although I don’t agree with everything he says, his arguments make complete sense.

Oh, and here is a quote from the bearded Caballo himself:

“These gentlemen are saying I’ll die soon because ‘if the dog dies, so does the rabies,’ ” said Castro, referring to President Bush and other U.S. officials. “But now Venezuela has turned into a (new) dog.”

Due process?

They have Carlie’s abductor in custody. She is still nowhere to be found. The abductor is refusing to cooperate and the fucking press is all over it like fairy Godmothers. Look, I understand what due process is but…all the evidence points to this guy, someone needs to BEAT THE LIVING HELL OUT OF HIM.

Beat him. Beat him over the head, the ribs, a couple of swacks across the midsection , knees, legs. Shove the damn nightstick up his ass. WHATEVER. Just do whatever it takes to find the girl.

My God, how can the cops just stand around and circle jerk on this?

UPDATE: They found her. She’s dead and the abductor has been charged for murder. Now, he’ll stand trial, be found guilty and live possibly for the rest of his life in jail. Were I the father of this girl, I would want nothing but to see this guy dead, affording him the same rights her afforded Carlie.

Chief Wiggles

I have mentioned Chief Wiggles and Operation Give here before, and the small part I play in Operation Give. This charity, begun by the Chief and implemented by bloggers and others with a desire to help has sent thousands of toys and collected thousands of dollars to buy toys and other necessities for the children of Iraq.

I have corresponded with hundreds of people seeking information on how and what to send, how could they volunteer, etc… It has been a heartening experience to be a part, albeit a small one, of such a great endeavor.

Today, in his National Prayer Breakfast, President George W. Bush mentioned the efforts put forth by Chief Wiggles and other American servicemen stationed on the other side of the world.

Our people in uniform understand the high calling they have answered because they see the nation and the lives they are changing. A guardsman from Utah named Paul Holton has described seeing an Iraqi girl crying and decided then and there to help that child and others like her. By enlisting aid through the Internet, Chief Warrant Officer Holton had arranged the shipment of more than 1,600 aid packages from overseas. Here’s how this man defines his own mission: “It is part of our heritage that the benefits of being free, enjoyed by all Americans, were set up by God, intended for all people. Bondage is not of God, and it is not right that any man should be in bondage at any time, in any way.” Everyone one in this room can say amen to that.

I am proud to be a part of Operation Give and ask each person that reads this humble blog to please try to do their part in bringing a little laughter to these children of war torn nations. It is a great feeling that will remain with you forever.

Gracias Chief Wiggles.

UPDATE: Wizbang! has a post on Chief Wiggles as do I over at Suburban Blight. Rosemary Esmay says Amen!!!


Kelley gave me the keys to her house while she attends to some personal business today and asked me to help keep an eye on the place.

Little does she know that I’m gonna totally raid her refrigerator and check in her medicine cabinet. I’m gonna play with Spidey’s toys, and then I’m gonna plop myself down on her sofa and watch hours and hours of TV while munching out. And no, I will not worry about crumbs falling in the sofa cracks. I hope they left me some beer cause housesitting without alcoholic consumption sucks.

You can come on by Kelley’s and hang out with me iffin ya’ll want. Bring beer.

That Biased Media

There’s alot of back and forth on the US and World media being biased. Each side on every issue complains the media is biased towards the other side.

Fidel Castro and his Mullah friends found a way to correct that problem. Cuba and Iran are now joined at the mass media hip:

“The head of Prensa Latina News Agency announced his country’s readiness to implement the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) signed between Iran and Cuba within the framework of Non-Aligned News Agencies Pool (NANAP),”

In Cuba, there is no such thing as “mass media.” There is only Granma International, Fidel’s party rag. I suspect the situation in Iran is much the same. People of these two countries will only hear what their “governments” want them to hear. Let’s hope Venezuelans don’t allow Chavez to get in on this “Memorandum of Understanding.”

Perhaps the NANAP – Non-Aligned News Agencies Pool – should be called the NWAWAAN – News With A Wink And A Nod.

Cubans love their Buicks

Remember last years converted Ford truck that sailed from Cuba to almost reach the US? Well, looks like they upgraded cars. Eleven Cubans in a converted Buick were pulled over by the US Coast Guard and repatriated. The Buick met the same fate as the Ford truck, it was sunk.


I love the ingenuity of the Cuban people, they will do anything, come up with whatever crazy scheme to leave Castro’s island prison.