1941 and the day before Pearl Harbor

We will celebrate another anniversary of Pearl Harbor tomorrow. I found this note very interesting. This is from the day before the Japanese bombed the US:   

On this day, President Roosevelt—convinced on the basis of intelligence reports that the Japanese fleet is headed for Thailand, not the United States—telegrams Emperor Hirohito with the request that “for the sake of humanity,” the emperor intervene “to prevent further death and destruction in the world.”The Royal Australian Air Force had sighted Japanese escorts, cruisers, and destroyers on patrol near the Malayan coast, south of Cape Cambodia.

An Aussie pilot managed to radio that it looked as if the Japanese warships were headed for Thailand—just before he was shot down by the Japanese.  

This is a remarkable note. In other words, we suspected that the Japanese fleet was moving to Thailand. We learned the next day that it had been moving to Hawaii all along. 

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