1947: Leo Durocher and the Brooklyn Dodgers spend a spring in Havana

The legendary Leo Durocher was born on this day in 1905. Leo broke with the Yankees in 1925, but did not start playing on a regular basis until 1928 when he hit .270 in 102 games.   

Durocher had a pretty good career with the Yankees, Reds, Cardinals and Dodgers. He was primarily a short stop and finished with a .247 career average. As a manager, Durocher won 2,008 games, 3 NL Pennants, and the World Series with the 1954 Giants. 

In the spring of 1947, Leo and the Brooklyn Dodgers took their spring training camp to Havana. It was a real treat for Cuban fans to catch major league exhibition baseball games.

We remember him as a very colorful figure on and off the field. 

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