May 30, 1956: Mantle’s bat met a Ramos’ pitch

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In the 1950’s. Pedro Ramos and Camilo Pascual were a couple of young pitchers playing for the old Washington Senators now the Minnesota Twins.    

Pascual turned into one of the best pitchers in the AL, i.e. classic curve ball.  Ramos was good but did not enjoy Camilo’s success. 

On this day in 1956, Mickey Mantle hit one of the most memorable home runs in his career.   It happened on the second game of a doubleheader with the Washington Senators. He hit a pitch from Pedro Ramos that came within 18 inches of leaving Yankee Stadium.  The experts said that the ball could have traveled more than 600 feet. 

We don’t have any record of Pedro Ramos’ reaction. My guess is that he would have probably quoted Alvarez Guedes to describe this shot of shots.

 It was Mantle’s 20th home run of the season.   He won the Triple Crown that year:  .353 BA, 53 HR & 130 RBI

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