July 24, 1959: The Nixon Khrushchev kitchen debates

By the end of July, VP Nixon was looking ahead to the 1960 election and Fidel Castro was telling everyone that he was not a communist. Khrushchev was looking to promote the USSR and Nixon knew it. They both made their case on this day in 1959, the famous kitchen debates.

Who won?  They probably both did.  This is a portion of the conversation, because it was not really a debate:

Nixon: “I want to show you this kitchen. It is like those of our houses in California.”

Khrushchev: “We have such things.”

Nixon: “This is our newest model. This is the kind which is built in thousands of units for direct installations in the houses. In America, we like to make life easier for women…”

Khrushchev: “Your capitalistic attitude toward women does not occur under communism.”

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1959: The Nixon-Khrushchev ‘kitchen debates’

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By the summer of 1959, VP Nixon was probably looking ahead to the 1960 presidential election.

On the other hand, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev was probably trying to prove to the Kremlin that he could stand up to the US.

They both got their chance on this day in 1959 or the famous kitchen debates.

Who won? They probably both did.

What’s amazing is that Cuba and Vietnam were not brought up, or at least I could not find any evidence that they did.

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