1962: President Kennedy addressed the nation about missiles in Cuba

My guess is that the Babalú readers are a good mix of people who left Cuba in the 1960’s or who were born in the US. No matter what, you either remember this month or heard stories from your parents or “abuelos.”

It was October 1962 but still a big part of my past.  In other words, it was the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis that consolidated the Castro regime and led to our departure of Cuba.  The “crisis” also delayed our departure from the island because the Miami-Havana flights were cancelled.  

It all started when the USSR challenged the US by placing missiles in Cuba, or in this part of the world. It was a big challenge but apparently the USSR felt that it could push President Kennedy around.

For days, the world waited for a resolution. We were down in Cuba at the time and my parents recall just how tense every minute was.      

The crisis was resolved in a couple of weeks.  Nevertheless, the world came very close to a nuclear war in October 1962.

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