1964: When we finally landed in Miami

Where did the time go? The answer is that it flew by very fast.

It was on this day in 1964 that our family landed in Miami after a 2 month odyssey that began on July 2nd when we departed Cuba via Mexico City.

Along the way, our plane had mechanical problems landing in Mexico City, we experienced our first “minor” earthquake and then spent almost two months in Jamaica in a one room flat and had some fun too.

Our family left via Mexico City because there were no flights between Cuba and the US in the “pre-freedom flights” era. Our two options were Madrid and Mexico City. My parents chose the latter because it was a better fit for our eventual destination or the US.

In Kingston, Jamaica, the five of us spent two months in waiting for our papers to come to the US.

It was a long summer with no money and living “on a wing and a prayer”.

On the day that we landed in Jamaica, we found a room from a local man who had lived in Cuba. He was like a “guest worker” cutting sugar cane in the island.

We all slept in the same room. My parents on the bed with my sister stuck in. My brother & I on the floor.

My biggest memory was staying up late with my father and listening to the news on a little short wave radio that he bought in Mexico. It was fascinating talking to my father about world events.  He was a very well informed man who had a thought on every topic.

As always, we recall our wonderful parents and their sacrifice.

Another memory was playing “catch” with a ball that my mom made out of a rock and a sock.

We recall our  little sister. We were all very protective of her because I don’t think that she understood what this trip was all about.

It was an awesome experience that summer of 1964. Where did the years go?

We lost our father in late 2015. The 3 of us have our own families and busy lives.

Nevertheless, this is one memory that we will always remember.

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