1966: The GOP nominated Reagan for governor

We recalled this week that President Reagan passed away in June 2004. Today, we remember that the California GOP nominated Ronald Reagan for governor.  

He went on to win in 1966 and then reelection in 1970.  Some of you may remember then Governor Reagan speaking at the 1968 and 1972 GOP conventions.  In fact, there was a short lived movement to draft Reagan in 1968.

After leaving office in 1974, Mr. Reagan began writing a weekly column and doing radio messages. In 1976, he challenged President Ford and took it to the Kansas City convention. And in 1980, Mr Reagan was elected president and reelected in 1984.

We can say that it all started today in 1966.  

However, it probably really started with that great speech supporting Senator Goldwater in October 1964. It was called “A time for choosing” and revealed Ronald Reagan’s incredible ability to communicate conservative principles.

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