A cheap shot at Mariano Rivera

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It’s a shame that the liberal writer who attacked now Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera will never come to bat against him.   He’d get a quick lesson in “chin music”!

On Sunday, the great Mariano Rivera was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  You can look up his numbers.  Rivera made his money getting outs and usually the last one to win a World Series or other post-season game.

Let’s get a summary from David Harsanyi:    

It’s not surprising that The Daily Beast, whose editor-in-chief blames Israeli Jews for global white nationalism, would find Rivera’s support of Israel problematic (the original illustration for the piece, incidentally, had Rivera standing on a pitcher’s mound shaped like a yarmulke atop a Jewish star).

Nor is it surprising that the piece offers no evidence that Mariano has “served at the pleasure” of the Trump administration—even if you accept the debatable contention that the administration is racist.

Rivera didn’t join the pinstriped Sturmtruppen, he merely accepted a nomination to the Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. He signed onto the Opioid Drug Abuse Commission. He went to the White House as a delegate for the Special Olympics. He took “friendly photo op” as part of an interfaith conference in Israel with the U.S. ambassador to Israel. These days, I guess all of this qualifies as extremism.

Yes, a lot of things qualify as extremism, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.  It’s such a long list that no one listens anymore.  Just ask CNN!

Of course, what the Daily Beast is angry about is not really Israel.  After all, many Democrats are more openly pro-Israel than Rivera.

The Daily Beast does not like Hispanics who can think for themselves and consider a point of view outside of the plantation.  The Daily Beast loves great athletes as long as they say that the U.S. is a racist country and refuse to salute the flag.

In the end, Rivera got in the Hall and the Daily Beast lost more credibility.  

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