Biden: A Cuban woman would have turned around and smacked him

Over the years, we’ve cracked a few jokes about Vice President Biden, from his gaffes to quick hands.

Yesterday, we learned that a woman is accusing Biden of a little too much touching, or something like that.  

Her name is Lucy Flores, a Democrat from Nevada. Back in 2014, she was on a stage and VP Biden’s hands allegedly acted inappropriately or so she claims

What can I say? 

I believe that this entire incident speaks volumes about today’s Democratic Party. My guess is that the party leftist activists do not want Biden on top of the ticket, so opposition research dropped this story as he is contemplating his options.

Who knows where this story will go or whether there is more coming? In the meantime, President Trump must be watching and enjoying the show.

Last, but not least, Biden is lucky he hasn’t tried this with a Cuban woman. Yes, she would have turned around and smacked him, just like her Cuban “mami” taught her.

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