A good day for Bolsonaro in Brazil

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Down in Brazil, the pre-election day polls were calling for a close race between Mr. Bolosonaro and Mr. Haddad. It turned out to be a different.  In other words, Mr. Bolsonaro almost won the prize in the first round.

So who voted for Mr. Bolsonaro?  How did he do it?  This is from the BBC:

He has won over many Brazilians who think his law-and-order stance will make Brazil safer.

A Roman Catholic, he has also attracted the support of millions of evangelical Christians by saying he will defend traditional family values.

Several prominent Brazilian footballers have endorsed his candidacy including World Cup winner Ronaldinho, Palmeiras midfielder Felipe Melo and Tottenham Hotspur winger Lucas Moura.

Results showed Mr Bolsonaro dominating Brazil’s two biggest states, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. However, the country’s north-east showed more loyalty to the Workers’ Party, having benefited from its social policies.

It looks to me that this was a rejection of leftist Lula and his corrupt policies.

It’s not over yet.  Mr. Bolsonaro will face Mr. Haddad in round 2. Let’s see what happens next. It’s clear to everyone that Brazil is a deeply divided country yearning for leadership.

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