Obama to anti-US thugs: “You’ve got a friend”


2016 is off to a remarkable start vis-a-vis U.S. foreign policy.

In less than a week, Iran and Saudi Arabia are threatening to go to war, Afghanistan has come alive after being quiet for a while, and North Korea exploded whatever they exploded.

Let’s add Cuba to the list.

Senator Rubio is asking the State Department for an explanation, as reported by The Miami Herald:

“The fact that the administration, including you, have apparently tried to withhold this information from the congressional debate and public discussion over U.S.-Cuba policy is disgraceful,” Rubio wrote to Roberta Jacobson, the assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere Affairs. Jacobson starred in the Cuba negotiations, and Rubio has been blamed for stalling her nomination to be U.S. ambassador to Mexico.

“While your bureau is not the primary entity within the State Department handling these issues, you oversee U.S. policy toward Cuba and interactions with Cuban officials,” Rubio wrote. “Thus, the fact that members of Congress are reading about Cuba’s possession of a U.S. missile in the newspaper rather than from you or other State Department officials is astounding and inexcusable.”

The Obama adminisration withehld information from Congress about the Iran nuclear deal, or the famous “side deals” negotiated around the legislature.

Now it appears that they did not come clean with Congress over the Cuba deal.

Again, it’s a great time to be an anti-US thug out there.   They have a friend in President Obama.

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